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City to host public forum on housing next month

Citizens seeking to voice their opinions on topics including short-term home rentals, rental policies and affordable housing efforts in the city will get their chance on Sept. 12 with a community forum on housing at the Stryker Center. The event will be part of the city Planning Commission’s ongoing...

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  • WM women's tennis loses two coaches in one week

    WM women's tennis loses two coaches in one week

    After six seasons at William and Mary, both women’s tennis coaches, Tyler Thomson and Jesse Medvene-Collins, have resigned. Thomson, the head coach, resigned on Aug. 16, and Medvene-Collins, associate head coach, resigned earlier in the week, according to Tribe Athletics sports information director...

      • The number to match was 25 at SuperHero 5K

        Twenty five was the magic number last Saturday at the CDR SuperHero 5K at The Vineyards at Jockey’s Neck. It was the 25th year that a charity 5K race has been held at The Vineyards, although the 11th as a benefit for Child Development Resources. It also was the 25th consecutive Colonial Road Runners...

          • WM and Bustamante named favorites for CAA championship

            WM and Bustamante named favorites for CAA championship

            The reigning champions have been picked as favorites for the title again. William and Mary’s men’s soccer team is the preseason favorite to win the Colonial Athletic Association championship title for a second straight year. Despite a daunting schedule including games against Atlantic Coast Conference...

            • CDR 5k celebrates local superheroes

              CDR 5k celebrates local superheroes

              Were you at the Vineyards at Jockey’s Neck Saturday morning? If so, you would have seen neighbors waking up to start the weekend and hundreds of people dressed as superheroes running on the street on a cloudy August day. Child Development Resources, a nonprofit that serves at-risk or disabled children...


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                • Historic Jamestowne, Yorktown Battlefield celebrate Founders Day

                  Historic Jamestowne, Yorktown Battlefield celebrate Founders Day

                  Theodore Roosevelt and the Fifes and Drums of York Town will team up to celebrate the 102nd birthday of the National Park Service. Founders Day festivities span Yorktown Battlefield Visitor Center and Historic Jamestowne Saturday. “We’re still trying to make a point on the actual date to really...

                    • New youth choir seeks serious students

                      New youth choir seeks serious students

                      A local vocal technician hopes to inspire a passion for music, history and where the two intersect through his new endeavor, the Jamestown Youth Choir. Auditions are underway with performances scheduled to commence in the fall. “I love music. I love history,” said Chris Mooney, who runs Mooney...

                        • Players reimagine 'Shakespeare in Love'

                          Players reimagine 'Shakespeare in Love'

                          With their latest production, “Shakespeare in Love,” the Williamsburg Players celebrate theater, history, comedy, romance and the enduring impact of William Shakespeare. Performances run throughout September at the James-York Playhouse. “There’s something for the people with PhDs in English literature...

                            • After dark, Aug. 22-26

                              Thursday Triangle: Robert Hodge, 7-10 p.m. Friday Charly’s Airport Restaurant: Eric Horgan, 5-9 p.m. Aromas: Audio Portrait, 7-9 p.m. Triangle: Settle Down Jack, 8-11 p.m. Water Street Grille: Red Light District, 8-11 p.m. Saturday Aromas: Lane Rice, 7-9 p.m. Comedy Club: The Three Comedians, 8-9:30...


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                                • More 'reasoned debate' is called for in media

                                  The Virginia Gazette is a venerable local newspaper that covers our corner of the world, including events, high school sports, local politics and neighborhood commentary. But in response to the Aug.18 editorial by the editor (Mrs. Bellows), the reaction of this president’s criticism of the unrelenting...

                                    • Socialism is a means of impoverishing people

                                      All this nonsensical talk about socialism, “democratic socialism,” and the like, here’s what the renowned economist F.A. Hayek, a Nobel Peace Prize winner in economics had to say about socialism: “The dispute between the market order and socialism is no less than a matter of survival. To follow...

                                        • Successful straw vote a harbinger of things to come

                                          Our dysfunctional Congress can’t seem to agree on what’s good for the U.S., but at least they agree on some things that are bad: North Korea, Iran, Russia, China, Syria and plastic straws, to name a few. Denuclearization of North Korea may be in the bag, but fixing the plastic straw problem will...

                                            • This 'enemy of the people' works in your interest

                                              The Virginia Gazette has been in publication since 1736. It has inspired debate over government practices since the days of King George II of Great Britain. One king, a revolution and 45 presidents of the United States later, The Virginia Gazette still stands for the ideals of reasoned debate among...

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                                                • Last Word on sales tax increase, Feb. 28

                                                  Last Word on sales tax increase, Feb. 28

                                                  Sales tax increase I don’t appreciate the sneaky way this tax hike is being motored through to support tourism and another-named slush fund. Please list the names and phone numbers of who we can call in Richmond for York, James City and Williamsburg to let our voices be heard. Thank you. Editor’s...

                                                    • Last Word on sales tax, Feb. 24

                                                      Last Word on sales tax, Feb. 24

                                                      Sales tax increase Instead of a 1 percent sales tax increase to feed the tourism oligarchs, how about an increase to promote affordable housing for the people who do the work that runs the tourism industry in the area? Seems like the Chamber of Commerce, JCC Supervisors and the Williamsburg City...

                                                        • Last Word on Florida shootings, Feb. 21

                                                          Last Word on Florida shootings, Feb. 21

                                                          Florida shootings A question for Congress: Why is the possession of assault weapons more important than school children's lives? Don't those children have a right, under the Constitution, to live full lives, in liberty and in the pursuit of happiness? I’m in high school and I’m scared to go to...

                                                            • Last Word, Feb. 17

                                                              Last Word, Feb. 17

                                                              Shooting in Florida To all those who write in demanding rights to carry in schools, churches and other public places: do you also demand similar rights for convicted criminals, the mentally ill and those with restraining orders? Should they be allowed to build up arsenals of assault weapons? Anyone...