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York High School students released early due to water main break

YORK - Students at York High School were sent home early this morning after a water main break on Route 17 caused county officials to shut down the water supply to the school, according to York Schools spokeswoman Katherine Goff.  Goff said the school was notified of the need to cut off water around...

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  • Right to word needs to be 'chipped in stone'

    This letter is in reply to Dan Foley's letter of Oct. 22 on the proposed "Right to Work" amendment to the Virginia Constitution. Mr. Foley's letter also addressed the issue of the need for union representation in general; I will save response to that for another day. Mr. Foley's statement that...

      • Ownby's right fit for the school board

        I am pleased to recommend Lisa L. Ownby, as your choice for the WJCC School Board Powhatan Seat. I've known Lisa for seven years and worked with her on numerous projects and functions including leading the Lois S. Hornsby Band Boosters together. During this time, I have come to know her as a passionate...

          • Rules of the road for G.A. candidates

            I was glad to see that both candidates for the House of Delegates considered traffic on I-64 to be important. Do either of them possess the willingness to make the necessary changes to help the problem? First, remove the signs that say "slower traffic keep right." Those signs only confuse Virginians,...

              • State schools data shows striking trends

                As a local parent group (The Village), we have noticed a disparity trend in our school division discipline. Especially at our schools serving larger minority populations. As reported to Virginia Department of Education School Safety (Va. School Report Card): Clara Byrd Baker, Matoka, Mathew Whaley,...

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                  • Last Word on Kimball Theatre, Oct. 24

                    Last Word on Kimball Theatre, Oct. 24

                    Looking for ... Does anyone know a person who repairs mullions?  All of our windows have them and some have broken - I think they could be glued but am not sure and I cannot locate anywhere to replace them.  I’m looking for the accessories and attachments for a Touch Tronic 2000 Singer Memory Sewing...

                  • Last Word on Zable elevators, Oct. 22

                    Last Word on Zable elevators, Oct. 22

                    Zable access For the third game in a row, Section 103 elevator is shut off to fans so that they are forced to walk two long walks to wait for the "overcrowding" of the far section elevator. All because our athletic director (retiring-Yea!) has directed (or not informed otherwise) the operator to...

                  • Last Word all about presidential politics, Oct. 21

                    Last Word all about presidential politics, Oct. 21

                      Presidential politics I get so tired of people saying they can’t vote for Donald Trump but they also can’t vote for Hillary Clinton.  Not voting for Hillary Clinton is equivalent to voting for Trump.  They are the only candidates who have a legitimate chance to win the election.  Do we want our...

                  • Last Word on more cat problems, Oct. 20

                    Last Word on more cat problems, Oct. 20

                    Cat problems To the outdoor cat-phobic person who cites studies containing “estimates” of cat-related bird kills that vary by over one billion, or wildly exaggerated cat reproduction “estimates”:  Please identify your neighborhood.  I’m looking for a nice place to release the four kittens I’m currently...