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Last Word is searching high and low, Feb. 10

Thank you! I want to thank whoever found my 19-year-old beagle on Jamestown Road yesterday. Thank you so much! I'd love to repay you, please. My number is 804-350-1112. And kudos for taking her to the Humane Society. She's fine. Thank you so much. We live in Elmwood and we would like to thank our...

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  • Decision making at highest level

    Retired Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, who served eight years at the side of Gen. Colin Powell as special assistant when he was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and later as chief of staff during Powell's service as Secretary of State, is scheduled to be the speaker at the forthcoming public forum...

      • Post-modernist ideas tough to swallow

        The political landscape of this strange new world baffles the baby boomers and those who consider themselves traditionalists. How can this political climate be explained? Many sense the America they grew up in has transformed and they no longer get it. Over the past decade, I have studied Organizational...

          • More environmental study needed

            Thank you for continuing to cover the controversy around Dominion Power's proposal to build 17 transmission towers across the James River within view of Jamestown Settlement, Historic Jamestowne, the Colonial Parkway, and the Colonial National Historical Park. We were aware from your reporting...

              • Time for a commuter bill of rights?

                What we need is a "Commuters Bill of Rights" because Virginia commuters have no rights. Case in point: I recently was stuck in traffic on Interstate 64 westbound at Queens Creek bridge in James City County, before Exit 238, for over two hours. As I set there I watched the incident on VDOT's 511...

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                  • Last Word on plant-based dining options, Feb. 3

                    Last Word on plant-based dining options, Feb. 3

                    What happens at home The roots of violence are not exposure to toys or an occasional movie or video game but certainly are based upon the child's upbringing by their parents and expanded family. As a child growing up, there was not a boy in the neighborhood that did not have his own personal arsenal...

                    • The Last Word on winter storm Jonas, Jan. 30

                      The Last Word on winter storm Jonas, Jan. 30

                      Snow storm response I want to thank my paper carrier, David Jacobo, for delivering my paper and on time during and after the blizzard. It is Saturday, Jan. 23rd after the snow. Thank Heaven we didn't get the snow like they're getting in D.C. and New York, but I really wanted to thank Richard and...

                      • Last Word for Jan. 27: Please drive better in the snow

                        Last Word for Jan. 27: Please drive better in the snow

                        Priorities Williamsburg's building a new $50,000 building on Armistead Avenue and now is going to buy Super 8 Motel for 2.45 million and can't even put a fence up around Harriet Tubman Drive. I think it's in poor taste. Tough arrangements When I talk with my friend, who lives in an assisted living...

                          • Last Word in fun: Cribbage, Jan. 23

                            Last Word in fun: Cribbage, Jan. 23

                            Great game It was good to see the recent article about the cribbage tournament in Williamsburg. I was impressed with both the number of people participating and the distances that they travel in order to compete. In a few weeks, the new catalog of classes sponsored by WALT (Williamsburg Area Learning...