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Kimball Theatre use evolves under William and Mary

The Kimball Theatre will be an entirely different space by the end of the summer, as its uses continue to evolve under the direction of the College of William and Mary. The change in management has seen a smooth transition thus far, as the college works to accommodate local groups interested in...

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  • Cabin Fever Concert Series heats up Riverwalk Landing

    Cabin Fever Concert Series heats up Riverwalk Landing

    With the January snowfall serving as a reminder that winter is upon us, Yorktown’s Cabin Fever Concert Series offers a respite from the cold as it returns for its 10th year of free entertainment beginning Thursday. “We were just trying to get folks out of the house,” said Kevin Ritchie, York County...

      • VSO announces latest Classics season

        VSO announces latest Classics season

        The Virginia Symphony Orchestra announced its 98th season Thursday, planning a series of concerts beginning in September and running through April 2019. Music director JoAnn Falletta will also return for her 28th season with the organization. In a news release, Falletta said the season “presents...

          • Limelight, Jan. 24-28

            High School Student Show: The Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center’s latest exhibit showcases 131 works of art from 93 area high school students. 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday at 110 Westover Ave. Free. Warm Up Williamsburg: A slew of Williamsburg restaurants...

              • Bacon Street gala set for Feb. 2

                Bacon Street Youth and Family Services is looking to raise funds to help combat the rising opioid epidemic. The third annual fundraising gala, “An Evening for Bacon Street Auction,” is slated for Feb. 2 at Two Rivers Country Club. The event will include cocktails, dinner, musical entertainment...


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                  • Karlin evolves from scholar to policymaker

                    Dr. Mara Karlin’s academic credentials are a mile long. She is a summa cum laude graduate of Tulane University in political science with distinction in strategic studies and the Middle East. She earned a master’s degree in economics and a Ph.D. in international affairs from from Johns Hopkins University....

                      • Congress should vote on clean spending bills

                        If you remove the details of the latest U.S. government shutdown, I believe you can say tradition is the culprit. For too many years, Congress attempts to pass multi-purpose bills. It is not without a reason; that is why it never changes. Both warring political parties think it is to their benefit...

                          • Economic justice isn't what it seems

                            Gov. Ralph Northam used his first speech to the General Assembly to seek common ground with Republicans on workforce training, education and economic development, but he also forcefully called for expansion of the state’s Medicaid program as “a matter of basic economic justice” and challenged them...

                              • Time for America to proclaim TREXIT

                                A little is too much of the absurd and disgusting behaviors of Donald Trump (fake president). It’s time for Republicans to push the handle and send DT down the porcelain receptacle of which he is so well versed. It’s time to engage the exit strategy to rid our nation of this vile and repugnant...

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                                  • Last Word on postal problems, Jan. 17

                                    Last Word on postal problems, Jan. 17

                                    Mail problems When did the post office drop their motto and stop delivering without any notice? I haven’t had deliveries for the past six days, long past the snow. To make matters worse, when I went to the post office to mail a package, the drop-off bins were taped shut. And now Amazon is using...

                                      • Last Word on snow days, Jan. 13

                                        Last Word on snow days, Jan. 13

                                        Snow days Five days without school for less than a foot of snow? Plus two weekend days between? Absolutely embarrassing. We have a serious infrastructure issue. Maybe the lawyers and high-profile school superintendent can be cut and the savings applied to plows and sand spreaders. I went shopping...

                                          • Last Word on winter weather, Jan. 10

                                            Last Word on winter weather, Jan. 10

                                            Winter weather The writer of “Winter weather” must keep in mind that weather is not the same as climate. A spate of exceptionally cold temperatures over the minuscule portion of the world’s surface that the eastern U.S. represents does not mean the Arctic’s ice is not melting, that alpine glaciers...

                                              • Last Word on schools, Jan. 6

                                                Last Word on schools, Jan. 6

                                                Back at school Students need to practice using their “toolbox” in school so they will be equipped to solve bigger problems down the road. The focus of today’s work environment is on the application of skills — qualities not necessarily measured by standardized assessments — including creativity...