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Last Word on mushroom hunting, May 27

  Don't understand I have two questions on the May 18th Last Word.  “No to Airbnb”—what in the world is Airbnb?  Never heard of the word. And then the comments in the “Presidential politics.”  After reading them all, I keep thinking of Jesus’ comment to the crowd that had gathered to stone a woman...

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  • Standing tall on Memorial Day

    For 30 years I have stood at The Wall. Not every day or every month, but I have been there at least once each year. More often, multiple times. I've taken tour groups, family members and gathered with veterans of my Vietnam regiment. But mostly I visited alone. I've seen it the morning sun and...

      • Community Gardens: a work in progress

        Good news for community gardeners: the proposed community garden near Warhill High School is progressing well. The article in the Gazette on 5/18 titled "Staffing switch-up delays garden" may have missed a little context -- there hasn't really been a delay, these things just don't move quickly....

          • Don't give ISIS legitimacy of a state

            Whether it calls itself ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), it is not a State. World political leaders, security experts and the press should not be referring to the entity as either ISIS or ISIL or use the word "State". Referring to them as a...

              • Airbnb is out of place in Lakewood

                My wife and I have lived in Lakewood since 1979; we live next door to 100 Lake Drive, whose current occupants have requested James City County to allow them to rent up to three rooms on a short-time basis (a few days at a time, they indicate). The Planning Commission turned down their request,...

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