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More heavy rain in Tuesday's forecast

Expect another rainy day Tuesday. Showers and possible thunderstorms are predicted throughout the day, according to the National Weather Service. East winds will blow between six and 13 mph.  At times, the rain will be heavy, forecasters said. Highs should reach 72 degrees.  Showers will continue...

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  • Grandson grows up in The Last Frontier

    Having a grandson living in Alaska has been an interesting experience for our family and friends living in Williamsburg. Since the age of 3, Tanner has been spending a part of his summers here with us. Like many Alaskans, his parents work hard during the summer, especially in the tourist areas,...

      • Women's Chorus offers bright sunshine

        With the break in dismal weather this week, the Williamsburg Women's Chorus delivered a program, Tuesday in Walnut Hills Baptist Church, that heralded our current run of sun and warmth, "The Earth Sings." As promotional material indicated, the concert would focus on music about nature and the abundance...

          • Local authors tout new books

            Local authors tout new books

            Williamsburg is known for its diverse history and the diverse interests of its people. Several area authors hope to capitalize on that with their new books spanning topics from William and Mary's unique history to the experiences of the great outdoors. "From Student to Warrior: A Military History...

              • Limelight, May 17-21

                Tyke Hike: A park ranger will lead families with kids 2-4 in a hike around Woodstock Pond and teach them about nearby animals. 10 a.m.-noon on Saturday at York River State Park. Parking is $4. Call 757-566-3036 to register. La Tienda Oyster Festival: Live music, fresh oysters and tapas will be featured....


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                  • Rolling back FCC rule needs explanation

                    Congressman Rob Wittman, I request your help in understanding these matters. Please explain your "Yes" vote on S.J. Res 34, which killed implementation of the Federal Communication Commission's rule "Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services." As I understand...

                      • It's time for a local public gun range

                        Gun ranges are too often condemned by the uneducated. To educate those who are not interested remains a lost cause. With that said let's look at how our state representatives and local county representatives can help. The department of game and inland fisheries already have gun ranges in various...

                          • Do homework on propane vs. diesel

                            This letter references a May 5 Daily Press article and subsequent Last Work comments about using propane fuel for school buses. The overall lifetime ownership cost — acquisition, maintenance and operating cost — is a better comparison between the two fuels. The "cost per gallon" comparison between...

                              • Wittman a common-sense conservative

                                Virginia is indeed fortunate to have a dedicated public servant like Rob Wittman. I have heard him speak on several occasions and he embraces the conservative ideals and values that have made America the great country that it is today. As a former small business owner in Wisconsin, I wish we had...

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                                  • Last Word on WJCC schools, May 17

                                    Last Word on WJCC schools, May 17

                                    W-JCC issues I see lots of data and reference to the word "capacity" in the JCC comments related to area middle schools and others. Can someone define exactly what that means? I am in the schools all the time and see many empty classrooms during class cycles, etc., and do not understand how capacity...

                                    • Last Word on the school budget, May 13

                                      Last Word on the school budget, May 13

                                      School budget So there are now being created two new assistant superintendents for the school division. Are you for real? That's a great way to close a funding gap, make more top-heavy positions that pay big bucks! What a waste of money! Editor's note: One of the deputy superintendents replaces...

                                      • Last Word on ice cream, May 10

                                        Last Word on ice cream, May 10

                                        Healthy lunches President Trump and the Republicans have such an obsession with undoing "everything Obama," that they have lost any resemblance of common sense and any thoughts about their constituency. To allow the change in Michelle Obama's healthy lunch program in schools is really sad. President...

                                        • Last Word on Hicks verdict, May 6

                                          Last Word on Hicks verdict, May 6

                                          Hicks verdict How about we advertise Williamsburg as a retirement destination for homicidal maniacs found not guilty by reason of insanity? We already have a would-be presidential assassin here, free as a bird. Also, we have a deaf-mute illegal alien rapist and murderer who the taxpayers will be...