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  • Thank you for a great campaign

    Although I do not know the outcome of the election for Williamsburg City Council as I write this, I wish to express my thanks to the many people who participated in this year's election. I thank my family and my friends, both old and new, who supported my candidacy and assisted my campaign in so...

      • Dominion needs to build power lines

        Mr. Siegel's cartoon in the April 23 Gazette opines that Dominion Power overestimated energy demand forecasts to justify building power lines across the James. Phooey! Dominion does not lie to waste capital on a project that will not soon produce profit. They ain't "dumb." If I were running Dominion,...

          • Rename school for Samuel Harris

            I am not an African-American and cannot attempt to understand the feelings of African-Americans, but I am a local historian and know some aspects of history. I do know that Rawls Byrd Elementary School opened in 1965, a year after School Superintendent Rawls Byrd retired after 36 years as head...

              • U.S. needs true multi-party system

                Being away from the U.S. news and the fight to become President was very refreshing. Listening now again to all the shouting and attacking makes me think. Twenty people started to run to become the new President - a moderate, independent, liberal, conservative, socialist, criminal etc . Strange,...

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                  • A hole in the fence gets the Last Word, April 30

                    A hole in the fence gets the Last Word, April 30

                    Fixing the hole I'm wondering who is responsible for and when the hole in the iron fence adjacent to Peppertree Condominiums is going to be fixed. The hole has been there for months and months and that section of 199 right before the Jamestown Road intersection is viewed by thousands of people...

                      • Last Word for April 27

                        Last Word for April 27

                        Thank you Mother had her 97th birthday on April 12 ,2016. She had a bad infection in March and was not expected to live. But with the help and skill of a special nurse, Susan Webb of Grace Hospice of Williamsburg, she pulled through. Thank you, Susan . I also wish to thank Iva Copeland of Home...

                        • Last Word: He has your drone, April 23

                          Last Word: He has your drone, April 23

                          Lose a drone? If anybody has lost a drone in the Indigo Park area, near Richards Road and Crews Road, please contact 757-784-3645 to identify the drone and the pictures on the drone. Looking for … Could someone recommend an insulator—a crawl space insulator? Thank you. I'm looking for a recommendation...

                            • Last Word on being one of the guys, April 20

                              Last Word on being one of the guys, April 20

                              Eye protection Help! I just learned from my optician that the transition glasses I wear do not protect eyes from damaging UVA and the other damaging rays, despite the fact that they darken! Who knew? I only realized my eyes were still bothered by glare and finally asked the question. So the only...