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JCC supervisors to discuss administrator search at retreat Saturday

Just who will take the county’s top administration post will be the hot topic for discussion among supervisors at a board retreat Saturday. Former County Administrator Bryan Hill left his position as James City’s executive administration official to pursue an administrative post in Fairfax Jan....

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  • Limelight, Jan. 17-21

      Organ and Harpsichord Recital: Bruton Parish music director Rebecca Davy adds harpsichord into the organ recital mix. Parking is available on Duke of Gloucester Street during the concert. 8 p.m. Saturday at Bruton Parish Episcopal Church. Doors open 7:30 p.m. Free. Thursday Film Series at WRL:...

      • Martin Luther King Jr. Day closings, events

        Martin Luther King Jr. Day closings, events

        Closings James City County County offices are closed Monday. Williamsburg-James City County schools and offices are closed Monday. Garbage collection and recycling will operate on a normal schedule Monday. James City County Library is closed Monday. James City County Recreation Center and Abram...

          • Jamestown theatre students to attend regional conference

            Jamestown theatre students to attend regional conference

            Jamestown High School’s theatre students are taking their act on the road to Mobile, Alabama,for the 2018 South Eastern Theatre Conference. In March, 25 Jamestown High School theatre students and James Stone, the theatre teacher and director, will represent Virginia at the South Eastern Theatre...

              • Louis Armstrong lives through WSO concert

                Louis Armstrong lives through WSO concert

                Louis Armstrong’s distinct voice and powerful performances made way for a legacy that endures nearly half a century following his passing. The Williamsburg Symphony Orchestra returns to the Williamsburg Lodge Saturday for another round of "Cabaret and Cocktails,” this time paying homage to the...


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                  • WSJ article offers look at race in America

                    I am writing today to make two recommendations: First, that every American find and read an opinion article written by Shelby Steele and published in the opinion page of the Jan. 13-14 weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal. Second, that the editors of The Virginia Gazette publish the entire...

                      • Researcher shares his algorithm for a successful life

                        Bertram Aaron, of Williamsburg, suggested Prof. Dr. Andrew Viterbi would be an interesting subject for an interview. I took him up on that idea. Viterbi is best known for inventing the Viterbi Algorithm, which was key in the development of cellphones and satellite receivers. He co-founded Qualcomm...

                          • To our neighbors, with profound gratitude

                            With the beginning of a new year and all the potential it has to offer, it is altogether fitting and natural for us to reflect upon the blessings of last year and especially upon those who were such a large part of realizing those blessings. We who volunteer for FISH wish to thank the Williamsburg...

                              • Trump's erratic behavior is troubling

                                This country is witnessing a phenomenon that is both alarming and perilous to its well being and safety. Our president makes contradictory statements in which he says one thing one day and an exact opposite the next. When he is confronted with this he simply denies it. There appears to be two possible...

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                                  • Last Word on winter weather, Jan. 10

                                    Last Word on winter weather, Jan. 10

                                    Winter weather The writer of “Winter weather” must keep in mind that weather is not the same as climate. A spate of exceptionally cold temperatures over the minuscule portion of the world’s surface that the eastern U.S. represents does not mean the Arctic’s ice is not melting, that alpine glaciers...

                                      • Last Word on schools, Jan. 6

                                        Last Word on schools, Jan. 6

                                        Back at school Students need to practice using their “toolbox” in school so they will be equipped to solve bigger problems down the road. The focus of today’s work environment is on the application of skills — qualities not necessarily measured by standardized assessments — including creativity...

                                          • Last Word, on making a connection Jan 3

                                            Last Word, on making a connection Jan 3

                                            A connection A recent Last Word comment was from a Ninth Infantry Division soldier who was in Vietnam in 1967-68. I also was in Vietnam with the Ninth Infantry Division and apparently in the same camp and at a similar period as the writer. If the writer is interested in sharing pictures and stories...

                                              • Last Word on First Night, Dec. 30

                                                Last Word on First Night, Dec. 30

                                                No First Night It is still a shock to realize Williamsburg chose to let the First Night celebration die a quiet death rather than step up energy and focus to continue the event. Really, can the city afford to have yet another business/event disappear? The announcement was "not enough volunteers,"...