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  • Recalling how the past paved way for present

    I was born in Williamsburg in 1935, and I love this place and our local history. That history includes our African-American history. In the days of segregation, black-owned businesses were the lifeline of the black community. Many were located on the Triangle Block at Armistead Avenue and Scotland...

      • Dominion can afford to go underground

        Dominion just acquired Questar, a Utah natural gas company, for $4.4 billion, but says it can't afford to run the power lines under the James River? National Park Service, stay the course. There is no mitigation for the destruction of that viewshed by those towers. And running the lines under the...

          • Family is Jackson's better message

            When the Rev. Jesse Jackson called for greater efforts to reduce income inequality at the ringing of the Freedom Bell at First Baptist Church last week, he missed a great opportunity to encourage those in the community to strive for the greatest poverty reducer of all: a two parent family that...

              • Disagree over Constitutional focus

                I read several times the recent letter by Nate Walkley captioned " A focus on the Constitution" which appears to belittle anyone who raises the issue of the compliance of some of President Obama's actions with the provisions of the Constitution while extolling those who espouse the liberal causes...

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