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Taste Festival weekend activities kick off with Culinary Village

Around 100 Williamsburg residents joined local restaurants, breweries, small businesses, guest chefs and lecturers at Saturday’s Culinary Village event, organized by the Greater Williamsburg Chamber and Tourism Alliance. The food and drink sampling event is part of the four-day long Williamsburg...

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  • Prep roundup: Lions get just two hits in loss to New Kent

    Warhill managed just two hits against New Kent pitcher Grace Ellis in an 11-1, 6-inning loss Tuesday in Bay Rivers District softball play. Ellis struck out eight batters and gave up a run in the fourth inning. Taylor Nicholson brought in the only Warhill run after grounding to shortstop, with an...

      • 'Maniac' ultramarathoners make it look easy — almost

        After the sixth running of the Singletrack Maniac 50K last Saturday at Freedom Park, Williamsburg’s only ultramarathon, the only person to have completed every race is Chris Robertson, 45, of Williamsburg, and he had his fastest time ever for the technical, hilly trail race (5:25:15), and his highest...

          • Four from Walsingham to compete at college level

            Four from Walsingham to compete at college level

            Four Walsingham Academy athletes have made commitments to continue taking part in their sports at the college level. Carson Cooper, who became involved in sailing when he was 12, will sail at Christopher Newport. Delaney Riggs, who has played soccer at Walsingham and with the Virginia Legacy club...

              • Local golf clubs to field junior golf teams for summer

                Local golf clubs to field junior golf teams for summer

                Looking to grow golf among younger players, three Williamsburg area golf clubs will field teams in the PGA Junior League program this summer, one for the first time. Open registration is ongoing for kids ages 13 and younger at Ford’s Colony Golf Club and at Two Rivers Country Club, which is offering...


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                  • Chamber shifts marketing efforts toward food, activities

                    Chamber shifts marketing efforts toward food, activities

                    As the Williamsburg Taste Festival offers culinary delights through Sunday, it also marks progress toward a rebranded Greater Williamsburg area. Karen Riordan, president and CEO of the Greater Williamsburg Chamber & Tourism Alliance, said she envisions Williamsburg as a destination for foodies...

                      • Make your child's party a hit on a budget

                        A birthday party is a fun way to recognize important milestones in a child's life. Family and friends are invited to join in the fun, and everyone enjoys a day of celebration. Behind the scenes, however, this can be a stressful experience for parents. Organizing and throwing a party can be an expensive...

                          • Williamsburg Taste Festival combines food, fun

                            Williamsburg Taste Festival combines food, fun

                            Thousands turned out for fall food and fun during Williamsburg’s Harvest Celebration in 2015 and 2016, but the event will return as the Williamsburg Taste Festival to spruce up the city’s spring event lineup. The festival runs Thursday through Sunday across Williamsburg and Yorktown. Bob Harris,...

                              • DOG Street 5K encourages healthy kids and beyond

                                DOG Street 5K encourages healthy kids and beyond

                                The Run the DOG Street 5K returns to Colonial Williamsburg Saturday for a ninth year of encouraging healthy living and as part of a larger effort to improve lives. With participants including students who are members of Student Health Initiative Program running clubs from Williamsburg-James City...


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                                  • Out of the pain, hope in our young people rises

                                    I remember when news of the Columbine shooting erupted in 1999. I sat in the living room tears flowing, mouth agape and chest tightening sorrowfully. The news, while frightening, was an anomaly. I was certain it would never happen again. Years passed, and that certainty waned. Mass shootings increased:...

                                      • Social welfare programs are not socialism

                                        I take no issue with Charles Misak’s explanatory descriptions of capitalism and socialism but, nonetheless, I believe it necessary to elaborate on the subject as a result of his final comment that he is amazed “anyone would advance it (socialism) as a viable economic system.” I agree that socialism,...

                                          • Trump's deals are much less than they seem

                                            Trump sure showed China how it is done. Put China on notice and President Xi rolled back the tariffs he proposed on U.S. cars. Trouble is, most American cars in China are made there. No tariffs. Trump whiffed again. Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum are the same. Tariffs with a few exceptions:...

                                              • The legacy of slavery and America’s enduring story

                                                Sometime in 2017, a suggestion appeared in the Gazette’s Last Word that Colonial Williamsburg ought to be shut down due to its “legacy of slavery.” That gave rise to considerable thought. What is the legacy of slavery? There is, of course, no one answer. The easiest answer, and the one most understandable,...

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                                                  • Last Word on sales tax increase, Feb. 28

                                                    Last Word on sales tax increase, Feb. 28

                                                    Sales tax increase I don’t appreciate the sneaky way this tax hike is being motored through to support tourism and another-named slush fund. Please list the names and phone numbers of who we can call in Richmond for York, James City and Williamsburg to let our voices be heard. Thank you. Editor’s...

                                                      • Last Word on sales tax, Feb. 24

                                                        Last Word on sales tax, Feb. 24

                                                        Sales tax increase Instead of a 1 percent sales tax increase to feed the tourism oligarchs, how about an increase to promote affordable housing for the people who do the work that runs the tourism industry in the area? Seems like the Chamber of Commerce, JCC Supervisors and the Williamsburg City...

                                                          • Last Word on Florida shootings, Feb. 21

                                                            Last Word on Florida shootings, Feb. 21

                                                            Florida shootings A question for Congress: Why is the possession of assault weapons more important than school children's lives? Don't those children have a right, under the Constitution, to live full lives, in liberty and in the pursuit of happiness? I’m in high school and I’m scared to go to...

                                                              • Last Word, Feb. 17

                                                                Last Word, Feb. 17

                                                                Shooting in Florida To all those who write in demanding rights to carry in schools, churches and other public places: do you also demand similar rights for convicted criminals, the mentally ill and those with restraining orders? Should they be allowed to build up arsenals of assault weapons? Anyone...