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Wittman to helm Navy plan for larger fleet

Nearly 10 years ago, U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman launched his career in Congress by being the calm voice in a tough room. That experience could pay dividends in the coming weeks as the affable Republican prepares for another tough job: helping to steer the biggest buildup of the Navy fleet since the...

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  • Orioles are a hard-to-find winter treat

    Orioles are a hard-to-find winter treat

    Full disclosure: The Baltimore oriole is my favorite bird. This robin-sized songbird cannot be bettered. It has brilliant orange, black and white plumage, is armed with both a syrupy sweet song and an acerbic rattle, and resides in the most serene rural habitats. Its finely woven pendulum of a...

      • Second annual Bacon Street Gala to highlight retiring clinician

        Second annual Bacon Street Gala to highlight retiring clinician

        For the second year, Bacon Street Youth and Family Services will hold a fundraising gala celebrating young people's contributions to their community. The 45-year-old organization helps adolescents and families with substance abuse. Last year's gala raised more than $43,000 for the organization,...

          • Portrayor to put a new spin on classic act as John Rollison

            Portrayor to put a new spin on classic act as John Rollison

            John Rollison isn't a household name like Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, but his is a story worth telling. That's where James Cameron comes in. "John Rollison was a free man of color born in a way into aristocracy, his father was gentry and his mother was mulatto. He rose to be a master...

              • A breathtaking 'Midsummer's Night Dream'

                When it comes to top drawer dance that is competitive with many big city companies, you have only to drive up the road to the Richmond Ballet to enjoy just that. Officially designated the State Ballet of Virginia, this professional company offers a variety of highly polished dance that matches...


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                • He 'followed the money' and learned

                  As per a suggestion by Rufus Schriber in his letter to the editor of Feb. 11, I "followed the money." Had he also mentioned some of the big Democratic donors such as George Soros I might not have given it a second thought. But, Mr. Schriber committed the mistake of only telling one side of the...

                    • Wittman's silence in the face of attacks on values

                      Americans have a long-held belief that certain values are woven into the fabric of our country. We expect our elected officials to support and defend those values against attack. As a 24-year veteran of the U.S. military, I am very much aware of the solemn oath that public servants must swear to...

                        • The spirit behind a revitalized Muscarelle

                          If there is a 21st century hero at William & Mary, I nominate Dr. Aaron DeGroft. Here's why: I team taught an advertising persuasion class at the business school for about 10 years with Dr Donald Rahtz. Every couple of years the students would do a campaign for the College's Muscarelle Museum of...

                            • Immigrants evoke our shared past, will help determine the future

                              Moving to another country can be an intense experience. Being a hermit, an alien, someone who needs to adapt, to surpass some personal and historical limits, to overcome the barriers and difficulties that society imposes is a challenge. It is only the beginning of this journey for millions in our...

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                                • Last Word on real threats, Feb. 15

                                  Last Word on real threats, Feb. 15

                                  Information, please I have been getting mixed messages about the disposal of televisions. Some people say they won't take them at the landfill; others say they do, and I really don't know what to do with my old television. I'd be willing to have somebody come by and pick it up and dispose of it...

                                • Last Word on Williamsburg Shopping Center, Feb. 11

                                  Last Word on Williamsburg Shopping Center, Feb. 11

                                  City redevelopment So Williamsburg Shopping Center has been sold. The city hopes that it can be reimagined as a more "urban" center with possible stores and apartment above, and perhaps a parking deck. They want it more walkable because they say there are lots of people within walking distance....

                                • Last Word on Longhill Road, Feb. 8

                                  Last Word on Longhill Road, Feb. 8

                                  Williamsburg Inn The Williamsburg Inn is not just another outstanding luxury hotel. It is an historic American treasure, a beautiful guest house. Change is not always improvement. Please leave this charming building alone. Just like the Augusta National Golf Club/Resort, it stands above change...

                                • Last Word on great pancakes, Feb. 4

                                  Last Word on great pancakes, Feb. 4

                                  Pancake supper Thursday, I was driving on Richmond Road when I saw a sign that read "Pancake Supper Tonight" in front of Astronomical Pancake House. As I like pancakes and am new to the area, I thought I would give it a try. It turns out there was a women's organization called Soroptimist that...