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The search for a solution to Grove food desert

When it comes time to shop for dinner in Grove, the pickings are slim. A resident looking for something to prepare at home without traveling far is limited to a frozen pizza from a 7-Eleven convenience store or a meal assembled from offerings at the local Dollar General. With one of the store’s...

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  • Scholarship winner gives back to the community

    Scholarship winner gives back to the community

    Students tuned their cellos and warmed up their fingers on a grand piano in the main lobby of Patriot’s Colony while preparing for the Lions Club Band Music Scholarship Competition. Despite their calm expressions, the young musicians posed an air of nervousness. One judge smiled at the students,...

    • Cooking class combines cuisine, learning opportunity

      Cooking class combines cuisine, learning opportunity

      Even at 12 years old, Isabelle Szczerbinski has global ambitions. The Richmond native has traveled the world and she speaks five languages, including Mandarin and French. On Sunday, she will lead a cooking class at Williamsburg’s Peter Chang Chinese restaurant in an effort to combine good food...

        • Williamsburg Pottery celebrates Asian culture

          Williamsburg Pottery celebrates Asian culture

          The Williamsburg Pottery drew crowds Saturday despite the dreary weather, as its Asian Festival returned for a fourth year. The event featured food tastings, martial arts demonstrations, music, dancing and more in a celebration of Asian culture. “It’s a nice community event that the Pottery holds,”...

            • Birding: A Philadelphian looking for owls

              Birding: A Philadelphian looking for owls

              I was the only Philadelphian on the Minneapolis-bound flight who was not planning on attending the Super Bowl. When I told them I was going to see owls, these Eagles fans were even more confused. I did watch the big game, but I was in a Birder’s Bed & Breakfast in the tiny town of Meadowlands in...


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                • Norment's refusal on Medicaid is a mistake

                  Sen. Tommy Norment has refused to use his power to support Medicaid expansion to allow access to affordable health care. He continues to block the drawdown of federal dollars — your tax dollars — for health care in the senate version of the state budget. Through his actions, more than 300,000 civilians...

                    • 'Olympic Truce' is a Greek ideal to emulate

                      Shaun White won a gold medal for his outstanding performance in the snowboard pipeline competition, but was quickly criticized on (un)social media for being as dangerous to U.S. society as Amazon, George Soros, Russian bots and political correctness, for “dragging the U.S. flag on the ground.” ...

                        • Quick ways to improve school security

                          Lack of and complacency toward security is what causes the school shootings, not the AR. A number of weapons could have been as or more effective with the apparent lack of security. It’s impossible to control nut cases with illegal guns except at their point of entry or earlier with early warning...

                            • Mental illness has long presented an enigma

                              Unlike individuals who are afflicted with physical maladies, those tormented with mental disorders commonly live under a cloud of the public’s misunderstanding about the nature of their ailments. This misconception sometimes becomes more apparent in conversations after tragedies, such as the recent...

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                                • Last Word, Feb. 17

                                  Last Word, Feb. 17

                                  Shooting in Florida To all those who write in demanding rights to carry in schools, churches and other public places: do you also demand similar rights for convicted criminals, the mentally ill and those with restraining orders? Should they be allowed to build up arsenals of assault weapons? Anyone...

                                    • Last Word on harassment, Feb. 14

                                      Last Word on harassment, Feb. 14

                                      Looking good To whoever is decorating Lake Powell Road and Brookwood Drive with decorations: They look amazing. Can’t wait to see what you put up for Easter. This is harassment I worked at a big box hardware store. Every day, the male customers would make degrading sexual comments to any of the...

                                        • Last Word on workforce housing, Feb. 10

                                          Last Word on workforce housing, Feb. 10

                                          City taxes Here we go again, as the Williamsburg City Council looks to raise taxes after its annual retreat. The city manager can’t offer a specific reason why he anticipates a reduction in revenues from the meal and room taxes. The mayor and council members keep looking for ways to increase our...

                                            • Last Word on tourism taxes, Feb. 7

                                              Last Word on tourism taxes, Feb. 7

                                              Tax for tourism I think the proposed 1 percent added sales tax for James City, York and Williamsburg is a big crock. It’s a complete, unfair burden to the citizens to have to pay this to fund tourism. Why don’t they keep doing like they’ve been doing? They’ve got taxes on the rooms and meal taxes....