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Police: Body of swimmer found in College Creek, Colonial Parkway reopened

JAMES CITY - The body of a swimmer suspected of drowning has been found in College Creek, according to James City County Police in a news release.  After a search and rescue effort that began Monday evening, and continued throughout the day Tuesday, the body of Tony Jimenez Garcia, 23, of Chesterfield,...

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  • Williamsburg Players explore family, mental illness in 'Next to Normal'

    Williamsburg Players explore family, mental illness in 'Next to Normal'

    The Williamsburg Players are known for leading the community on emotional journeys, and their latest play aims to do so while tackling an often taboo subject. "Next to Normal," a Tony award-winning Broadway musical, explores the lives of a seemingly normal suburban family dealing with mental illness...

      • Limelight, June 28-July 2

        Printed, Painted, Stained and Dyed: Join a curator to learn about printed textiles for fashion and home on this interactive tour. 2:30 p.m. Thursday at the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg's Hennage Auditorium. Included with museum admission. Friday Friends Ride: Join Williamsburg Area Bicyclists...

          • After dark, June 28-July 2

            Thursday Aroma's: Open Mic Night, 7-9 p.m. Triangle: Ron Fetner, 7-10 p.m. Friday Triangle: Cole Stevens and the Delta Daggers, 8-11 p.m. Water Street Grille: Planet Full of Blues, 8-11 p.m. Yorktown Pub: PCJ, 9:30-11:30 p.m. Saturday Aroma's: The Medicinals, 7-9 p.m. Comedy Club Williamsburg: Andy Woodhull...

              • Community celebrates food, life of Tom Power

                Community celebrates food, life of Tom Power

                A Williamsburg icon recently passed away, but when the community gathered at the Kimball Theatre Wednesday for a screening planned in part to honor him, the air was full of life. People enjoyed beers, conversations and laughs in memory of the life and legacy of business owner Tom Power. The theater's...


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                • Congress needs to get down to business

                  Is this the time for an intramural baseball game to take place among Congressmen? Some would say it was not an intelligent decision, and I would concur. Don't we have a health-care bill in limbo? Isn't it a fact that we need tax reform? Shouldn't we be focused on preventing North Korea from developing...

                    • Memo to Council: More information needed

                      So far, I haven't met anyone who objects to the goals of Williamsburg City Council's proposed Tourism Development Fund. Tourism is a centerpiece of the local economy; making that stronger is generally good. What is objectionable is the introduction of a brand new local tax and the proposal to increase...

                        • HISTORICAL ACCURACY

                          While having coffee at the William & Mary Bookstore on Merchants Square with Sharon Ochsenhirt of Williamsburg, she told me about her recent visit to Martha's Vineyard. "I am a retired university archivist and lover of history," she said. "Thus, on my first visit to Martha's Vineyard I opted for...

                            • Opinion page reflects tone of nation's politics

                              Congratulations to the Virginia Gazette for its June 21 Opinion page. At the top of the page was a political cartoon right on point about the hate in politics which never takes a vacation. Then, as the perfect example of what point the cartoon was trying make, the Gazette, at the bottom of the...

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                                • Last Word on an exceptional idea, June 21

                                  Last Word on an exceptional idea, June 21

                                  Exceptional idea I have a comment about the article in The Virginia Gazette about the Exceptional Games. I'm calling to commend Donnell Brown for an awesome idea, and I hope that what they end up doing when they sit down with some of the plans for next year is that they promote it to the community...

                                  • Last Word on affordable housing, June 17

                                    Last Word on affordable housing, June 17

                                    Affordable housing What are the JCC supervisors thinking? Despite what the median income from the Census states, the average job in the local hospitality industry pays about $9 an hour. So if a worker is lucky enough to get a real 40-hour-a-week job (few do) then that is $360 a week, minus 30 percent...

                                    • Last Word on city taxes, June 14

                                      Last Word on city taxes, June 14

                                      Higher taxes We are glad the City Council has decided to further study the proposal to raise meal tax to 7 percent, up 2 percent from the current tax rate. The 5 percent meal tax currently generates close to $7 million. Kudos to Benny Zhang for speaking up and voting against the tax increase and...

                                      • Last Word on Williamsburg taxes, June 10

                                        Last Word on Williamsburg taxes, June 10

                                        City taxes It seems to me the city (elected officials?) wants to slaughter the goose that lays the golden eggs. In a number of cases, higher taxes are used to discourage an activity; conversely, lower taxes are used to encourage an activity. I have a proposal for CW on the admission sales tax:...