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Police investigating fatal crash on Richmond Road

James City County police are investigating a crash that happened early Thursday morning and resulted in the death of a woman. Around 7:45 a.m., a 2003 Ford Taurus on Richmond Road crossed the median and struck a tractor trailer head-on, according to police.  The woman was pronounced dead at the...

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  • Most-effective form of health insurance

    With the Republican Congress bent on depriving 22 million Americans of medical insurance, this is a great time to provide our own, totally free and totally effective health insurance: a plant-based diet. A study with 131,000 participants in last year's Internal Medicine, found that consumption...

      • New insight into pre-Nazi Germany

        I recently received an email from Felix de Taillez, a German scholar of European history. My connection with Felix de Taillez started when he contacted the Gazette, saying that, on the Internet, he found some of my columns describing the relationship between Fritz Thyssen, the head of Germany's...

          • People are cause of gun violence

            Ann Hunt in a letter to the editor suggested an answer to the gun deaths in Chicago. She put the blame solely on the Republican Congress which has bowed to the will of the NRA and the Republican-led General Assembly. Her answer appears overly simplistic to me. She ignores the fact that the Democrats...

              • Letter: CW focused on wrong thing

                After reading an article on the DeWitt-Wallace Museum expansion I have never in my life felt as deceived as I do now. While we cannot contribute a lot, my wife and I do contribute to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and get the regular annual pass renewals. Seeing the "Williamsburg needs you"...

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                  • Last Word on the snowstorm, Jan. 14

                    Last Word on the snowstorm, Jan. 14

                    Snow stories Kudos to my wonderful neighbors in Winston Terrace, John and Rick, who shoveled out our driveway and wrapped the water faucet in the backyard! Thank you so much. You are great guys! My newspaper was delivered every day, even Sunday, although it was understandably late. UPS delivered...

                    • Last Word on supervisors meetings, Jan 11

                      Last Word on supervisors meetings, Jan 11

                      Alternative education With the update in the Gazette regarding the New Year and the additional middle school for James City County, I certainly hope that the School Board and administrators add facilities for a separate all-inclusive alternative school environment at the new school that will provide...

                    • Last Word on Citizens Police Academy, Jan. 7

                      Last Word on Citizens Police Academy, Jan. 7

                      Looking for ... I would love to buy just a few clementines, not a whole box. Anyone know of a local store who sells them loose? It's just me and I'd never eat 5 pounds. Williamsburg Charity Group is in need of a refrigerator in good condition for donation. Call 757-506-4274. To the person looking...

                    • Last Word on crape myrtles, Dec. 31

                      Last Word on crape myrtles, Dec. 31

                      Thank you Another Christmas season has come and gone and Sidecar Santa would like to thank all of his behind the scene elves that make what I do possible. In particular, I would like to thank the wonderful ladies at Artfully Yours art studio, who became my primary collection point for beanies....