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Chance of showers Tuesday

There's a chance of showers Tuesday, says the National Weather Service.  Rain is expected after noon, and skies should be partly sunny. Expect highs near 80 degrees.  At night, temperatures should drop to 59 degrees. It will be partly cloudy.  To check the forecast for your neighborhood, visit...

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  • Limelight, June 21-25

    Spencer's Ordinary Ceremony: The Williamsburg Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution will remember those who gave their lives during the Battle of Spencer's Ordinary on June 26, 1781. Following a wreath ceremony, historian Chris Bonin will examine the battle's significance. 10 a.m.-noon...

      • After dark, June 21-25

        Thursday Aroma's: Open Mic Night, 7-9 p.m. Triangle: Anthony Rosano and Paul Warren: The A-roo-stic Duo, 7-10 p.m. Friday Aroma's: The Medicinals, 7-9 p.m. Triangle: Kevin Bleakley Duo, 7-10 p.m. Water Street Grille: Dharma Initiative, 8-11 p.m. Saturday Triangle: Joe's Day Off, 6:30-9:30 p.m. Aroma's:...

          • Funhouse Fest setup begins ahead of weekend festivities

            Funhouse Fest setup begins ahead of weekend festivities

            The return of Bruce Hornsby’s Funhouse Fest is finally upon us. At 6:30 a.m. Monday, organizers assembled on the lawn of the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg to begin assembling the massive tent that will soon cover much of the site's space. Preliminary setup commenced at 9 a.m. Sunday, and...

              • 'Foodie' film, panel to honor Tom Power

                'Foodie' film, panel to honor Tom Power

                Local chefs will gather to reflect on food, life and the passing of a fellow foodie at the Kimball Theatre Wednesday. The event features a screening of the Anthony Bourdain-produced documentary, "Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent," followed by a panel featuring three influential local chefs....


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                • Opinion page reflects tone of nation's politics

                  Congratulations to the Virginia Gazette for its June 21 Opinion page. At the top of the page was a political cartoon right on point about the hate in politics which never takes a vacation. Then, as the perfect example of what point the cartoon was trying make, the Gazette, at the bottom of the...

                    • Local Democrats share their goals

                      The Democratic Committee of Williamsburg represents the Democratic Party. Our vision is clear, our mission is understood and our actions are progressive and united. Our goals are realistic and outcomes-focused: strengthen and grow the party; develop and maintain inclusive grassroots momentum; and...

                        • Look elsewhere for true affordable housing

                          The need for affordable housing is periodically discussed in greater Williamsburg, but there is never an actual solution other than the preposterous statement that $200,000 plus fits the definition. Meanwhile, some areas are actually doing something. Detroit, for instance, is building an attractive...

                            • Curmudgeon report: Air travel is turning into a blood sport

                              Have you traveled by air recently? If you haven't you're in for a big shock that may ground you before you even start your trip. While air fares are sky high, the additional fees that carriers charge are a disgrace and need to be shot down. If that isn't enough to worry about, there is the recent...

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                                • Last Word on an exceptional idea, June 21

                                  Last Word on an exceptional idea, June 21

                                  Exceptional idea I have a comment about the article in The Virginia Gazette about the Exceptional Games. I'm calling to commend Donnell Brown for an awesome idea, and I hope that what they end up doing when they sit down with some of the plans for next year is that they promote it to the community...

                                  • Last Word on affordable housing, June 17

                                    Last Word on affordable housing, June 17

                                    Affordable housing What are the JCC supervisors thinking? Despite what the median income from the Census states, the average job in the local hospitality industry pays about $9 an hour. So if a worker is lucky enough to get a real 40-hour-a-week job (few do) then that is $360 a week, minus 30 percent...

                                    • Last Word on city taxes, June 14

                                      Last Word on city taxes, June 14

                                      Higher taxes We are glad the City Council has decided to further study the proposal to raise meal tax to 7 percent, up 2 percent from the current tax rate. The 5 percent meal tax currently generates close to $7 million. Kudos to Benny Zhang for speaking up and voting against the tax increase and...

                                      • Last Word on Williamsburg taxes, June 10

                                        Last Word on Williamsburg taxes, June 10

                                        City taxes It seems to me the city (elected officials?) wants to slaughter the goose that lays the golden eggs. In a number of cases, higher taxes are used to discourage an activity; conversely, lower taxes are used to encourage an activity. I have a proposal for CW on the admission sales tax:...