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City council recognizes police chief retiring after 40 year career

Once the calendar year ends, so will the 40-year career of police Dave Sloggie. City council officially recognized him Friday for his service. “Chief Sloggie has acted with absolute integrity, and he’s set a standard of excellence,” said Mayor Paul Freiling at the Dec. 8 city council meeting. “A...

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  • The long road from Malta to Virginia Beach

    By all indications, Maria Zammit, past president of the Greater Hampton Roads World Affairs Council, and Vice Chairman, as well as Secretary of the national organization, turned into a foreign policy expert by osmosis. "Both my parents are from Malta, so I started out with an international perspective,"...

      • Birding column takes political turn

        Mr. Cristol's column needs to move to the editorial page. Increasingly, his columns are more political than just birding. The most recent one deals with "climate change" and uses birds to disguise his rant. He starts out by blaming the Republican Party for the dim future of many birds. If Mr. Cristol...

          • Deer lead full, sometime violent, lives

            In reference to the recent Last word comment about the peaceful beauty of deer: Deer do fight. Territorial mother does will run off bucks. Territorial bucks fight with other bucks during the mating season. Although infrequent, a buck may attack a person during the mating season. Sometimes Bucks...

              • A special delivery to FISH

                FISH's angels care for more than the hungry

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                  • Last Word on weekday church services, Dec. 3

                    Last Word on weekday church services, Dec. 3

                    Weekday services I'm calling to respond to the person looking for a church that has services on weekdays. Williamsburg United Methodist Church on Jamestown Road has every second Tuesday a free dinner and church and activities for children and every Wednesday, from 5:30 to 6:30, there's a dinner...

                  • Last Word on a noisy world, Nov. 30

                    Last Word on a noisy world, Nov. 30

                    Too much noise Every day I hike Freedom Park with my dog. Lately all I hear is the sound of very nearby construction destroying the serenity of the park. James City County should have bought the land surrounding the park either for expanding the trails or at least as a buffer. Did we really need...

                  • Last Word on alcohol sales, Nov. 26

                    Last Word on alcohol sales, Nov. 26

                    Green lights A green outdoor light to honor veterans. Our True Value had green bulbs on sale for Veterans Day, and I noticed several neighbors had put them on their porch lights. Now I have mine on, also. Just wanted to share this information, a nice gesture. School bus safety Regarding school...

                  • Last Word on saying 'thank you,' Nov. 23

                    Last Word on saying 'thank you,' Nov. 23

                    Thank you At Thanksgiving, let us be thankful for those on-duty police officers, fire personnel, EMTs, ER and hospital staff that make our holiday safe and secure. A very special thanks to the fire department in Toano. I called them about my smoke detectors and asked if they could install two new...