Peninsula residents express hopes for President Trump

Natalie Joseph

Friday afternoon Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

Some Hampton Roads residents cheered with excitement as the new president repeated the oath, others expressed reservations.

As the nation and world watched the new transition of power, the Daily Press asked Peninsula residents their hopes for the next four years.

Kyle Schuh, senior at Christopher Newport University

"Hopefully our debt can really be taken out a lot and that America internationally can become more of a super power again and we can help to rebuild kind of our relations with our allies and enemies alike. Hopefully we can come together and maintain a more peaceful world and everything. I think that would be really, really awesome."

Susan Yungbluth, 61, president of Hampton Roads Republican Women

"We were proud and we worked hard to get Mr. Trump elected. The women's club does most of the manpower at the headquarters and we are happy that our work wasn't for nothing. Today we felt a real sense of pride and excitement for change in the right direction. I feel that we've tried something for eight years and it didn't seem to get us too far so we decided to go on a different route. I like when he spoke today about the power returning to the people and I hope that he stays true to that and he listens. I hope the people can start making their own decisions. I hope he creates jobs. I hope he gives people a sense of worth."

Jodi Pettaway, 39, Newport News

"I hope there's no uprising and we don't go backwards. As a teacher, I would like them to focus on education. Listening to Betsy DeVos and part of what they were talking about scares me."

Norman Katzenberg, 83, Hampton

"I am feeling hopeful. So much of our opinion of the upcoming administration is what you read in the paper and what you saw in the news. Everybody had their opinions. I don't know Donald Trump, I was not very favorable and I did not vote for him. Then watching him today, I felt much better. I listened to his speech and he didn't jump on the press, which he seemed to be an opponent of, he was very even-handed, very hopeful and discussed his thoughts about American industry and bringing business back."

Joseph Doye, junior at Christopher Newport University

"I'm pretty worried actually. I wouldn't even know where to begin to be honest. For one thing, one of Trump's cabinet picks Betsy DeVos, some of her ideologies especially with public education. As someone with a disability, the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education) Act protects me and if it were left up to the states, and the states decided they didn't want to support it, it could be very bad on folks like me."

Shaquawin Cook, 23, Newport News

"Progression, growth and stuff like that is what I want to see. I have reservations about Trump. Honestly, being a black male, the stuff he says goes over a lot of people's head sometimes. What he says about blacks is kind of messed up, but who am I to judge? It's wrong, but I don't judge anyone."

Tara Tutson, junior at Christopher Newport University

"My hopes are that we can be united as a country and kind of overcome all of the things, our own personal opinions and just find unity together."

Christine Williamson, 60, Newport News

"I'm going to give the man a chance. Maybe he'll improve. I don't know how great he'll make America, but I hope he doesn't make it any worse. As far as I'm concerned, America was great four years ago and another four years ago. I'm going give him a chance and forgive some of the stuff I've heard."

Kaitlyn Foley, 22, Newport News

"I just hope everything goes smoothly, honestly. I just want progress. Of course you hear the rumors and stuff about him and don't really know the facts. The stuff we do hear is concerning and I am definitely not looking forward to his presidency."

John Marino, 54, Yorktown

"I was very excited. A different look at everything, a new start. I think my biggest hope for the new administration is just basically starting over. So much bureaucracy and we can't get anything done or why can't we get anything done? I think it's a new administration, with his business aspects. Being in business ourselves, there's really no such thing as you can't get it done, it's why you can't it done. So I'm very excited about that."

Pam Clarke, 70, Newport News

"I watched the inauguration and I heard what he said. He didn't talk about himself and he didn't talk about the political parties. He made a statement about bringing everybody together. I hope he brings our country together and it seems like today everybody was on their best behavior."

Travis Guyton, 22, senior at Christopher Newport University

"More than anything I think that I hope that it's just not divisive. People aren't necessarily going to agree on every policy that's put in place, but what's important is that you don't shut down other opinions simply because you disagree with them. As a result of that, I hope that people can actually work together instead of seeing them as the enemy and the opposition."

Cynthia Anderson, 50, Newport News

"I don't know how things will turn out to be but I hope it's for the best. I voted for Hillary Clinton and I don't know what I feel. This is my future. If I could choose for him to do one thing, it would be to bring more jobs and do a lot for the low-income people. I'm tired of the rich getting richer all of the time and it seems like they always forget about us."

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