Want to work the whole body? Knock yourself out with boxing lessons

To that end, for everyone who straps on a pair of gloves, boxing provides a safe environment to take out the stresses and slights of everyday living.

For people with high-stress jobs, Brenes adds, releasing the tension of a long workday can calm the mind and the body, and positively affect other parts of their lives. "It helps them to relax. You go home and go to sleep with no problem."

Getting in the ring

While plenty of students come to boxing just to get in shape, Freddie Roach, the owner of Wild Card Boxing Club, notes that over time many find themselves wanting to get in the ring. Students are often paired up with a more experienced fighter for their first few rounds, he says, in order to ensure their safety.

But getting bit by the fighting bug, Brenes says, is part of the way boxing is taught.

"It's the natural progression of the way we train," he says. "We train people as real fighters, so after they have gone through the basic form and punches, conditioning, strength and speed, then they go, 'What's next?'"

Hit these spots for boxing lessons

Feel like punching something? Here are a few places to try boxing.

Wild Card Boxing Club
1123 Vine St., No. 14, Los Angeles
(323) 461-4170

City of Angels Boxing
1726 N. Spring St., Los Angeles
(323) 630-1974

Tiger Boxing Gym
708 N. Gardner St., Los Angeles
(323) 951-9679

KTown Boxing Club
242 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles