Looking and feeling better at Eleve in Newport News
Clients of all ages have been turning to Eleve in Newport News to help them face the challenges of hair loss associated with cancer treatment or other illnesses.
Eleve, is located on Thimble Shoals Boulevard and is owned by Kay Purrington, who puts her years of hair know-how to work helping clients. She is  a certified master colorist and a graduate of Vidal Sassoon Master Academy in London.
Her husband, Gordon Rivers, assists Purrington at the business, helping to bring awareness to the services offered at the salon. He noted that of the nearly 500 salon clients, about 40 percent are from greater Williamsburg.
Each Monday, the salon is devoted to helping those who are survivors of cancer or who are in the process of treatment who need help to look their best.
The service began when clients who were fighting cancer asked Purrington if she could help them face hair loss. What she came up with was a place for women to purchase wigs, but also to have a wig made from their own hair. If a client faces hair loss, they can use their own hair to create extensions or blended with other organic hair for a natural-looking wig.
“She learned how to make wigs and  that’s how hair bank was born,” Rivers explained. “If they want to keep their own hair they can have it made into a wig. These wigs can be cut, colored and styled to their head. It is real hair, and it would match their own hair.”
Hair can be attached to caps for a youthful, fun look. Eyebrows can also be created.
“People may forget about eyebrows,” he explained. “You can buy a template or you can buy eyebrows, but you may not be able to get a template of your own eyebrows. That has got a lot of people excited. People know they can buy wigs here, but they don’t realize they can get their eyebrows recreated.”
Rivers said they have had referrals from Beyond Boobs, Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society.
Diane Webb, owner of the Merle Norman Studio at Monticello Marketplace also helps clients who are struggling with hair loss. Sometimes, she refers folks to Eleve to help with particular needs.
“I mostly recommend people who are looking for some sort of hairpiece,” Webb said. “They do offer a specialized service. If a client has a specific need that I can’t help them with, if I know of someone who can help them, I am happy to refer them.”