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Welcome to A&J Supply! Born from the ashes of Village Suppliers, A&J is located on the Virginia Peninsula, with offices in both Williamsburg and Newport News. A&J Supply specializes in the Plumbing/HVAC business with special emphasis on the military, municipal, and small business customers in the area.

The A&J team includes five sales employees with a combined record of over 125 years in the industry. Two warehouses which serve the Peninsula support timely deliveries, stellar service, competitive pricing, and an expert outlook on your company's needs.

If you are searching for a product, as well as a price estimate, please click the "Vendors" link to browse our listing of vendors.

A&J Supply is here to make your job easier - please, browse our site, and contact us to let us know how we can help you. We look forward to a successful business relationship with you!

We welcome you to visit our vendor catalogs, view their product lines, and make the selection(s) of your choice. Please note the model number, color, and any other defining characteristics; then email A&J Supply, and we will contact the vendor and have a price estimate and availability to you within 24 hours of your initial contact.

Once this estimate is delivered, and you choose to accept it, A&J will work with you personally and arrange payment, shipment, and delivery of your product(s).

Contractor references are available upon request.

It's as simple as that.

Williamsburg Office:  (757) 220-0233?Toll-Free:  (877) 311-0891 
Newport News Office: (757) 599-8593?Toll-Free:  (877) 311-9885

Williamsburg Office:  (757) 220-1730?Newport News Office: (757) 599-8596

Office Locations:

Williamsburg Office:
124 Tewning Road?Williamsburg, VA  23188
Newport News Office:
10170 Jefferson Avenue?Newport News, VA  23605

Website: www.ajsupply.net


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