EXOTIC BIRD CARE: The Feathered Nest

“The Feathered Nest” is an all exclusive bird store owned by Joy Loveland and Cindy White. In fact, the only exclusive bird store from Northern Virginia to North Carolina! The Feathered Nest was started by Barbara Hobbs in 1990. She has built a strong reputation in the avian community with her love and knowledge of birds. When Barbara decided to retire, we wanted to maintain her legacy by becoming a trusted resource for bird owners seeking the very best nutritious food and supplies for their feathered friends. We also offer boarding, re-homing, and rescue services. We currently have a selection of baby parrots looking for loving, forever families. Cindy White of Gloucester shares her home with her husband Roy, son Dylan, and 8 parrots. Joy Loveland, also of Gloucester, shares her home with her husband Jeff, sons Chris & Tyler, and 7 parrots. Come on by and check us out—we are fully stocked and ready for business!

Contact us at tfn@cox.net

Mon-Sat 10:00 AM—5:00 PM

Sun 12:00 PM—4:00 PM

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