DRIVER EDUCATION EXPERTS: Colonials Driving School, Williamsburg

Colonials Driving School has been in operation in Williamsburg, Virginia since 1995 and has worked with students from all four of the public high schools, four private high schools and with all the home schools. Thousands of students graduated from Colonials Driving School as well as hundreds of international students. Many first time driving adults received their training from Colonials Driving School with tremendous results at the DMV Testing Center. Dealing with nervous drivers is one of Colonials Driving School's expertise.

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All instructors are certified and licensed by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and the Virginia Department of Education. The instructors have more than 45 years of experience. Including Sensitivity Training and teachers in Virginia public high schools.

Short Bio of Instructors

Jim Harvey, President of Colonials Driving School, has over 25 years of teaching Driver Education. He holds a Master of Science Degree from the University of Minnesota-Winona and has been running Colonials Driving School in Williamsburg, Virginia for thirteen years.


Colonials Driving School provides classroom instruction required by Virginia State Law of 36 periods (50 minutes = period). Colonials Driving School follows Virginia Department of Education course requirements and AAA guidelines.

This course fulfills all of the Department of Motor Vehicle requirements for classroom instruction. The student will learn the foundations of safe driving, with an emphasis on the mechanics of driving, the execution of driving techniques and the rules of the road. We provide solid preparation for road test. We cover topics such as: Signals, Signs and Markings, Rules of the Road, Knowing Your Car, Starting & Stopping, Parking, Braking and Turns, Roadway Conditions, Sharing the Road, Emergencies, and Test Preparation.

Along with classroom theory and instruction, the student will participate in hands-on driving time with our experienced instructors. Students practice local road and highway driving, parking and other techniques essential to successful driving... along with the skills required to pass the driver's test.

Colonials Driving School runs driver education courses during weekdays from 4pm to 6pm when public schools are in session. The course runs 18 days. Students must complete the classroom part before the behind the wheel portion.

Behind the wheel sessions run for seven days (50 minutes actual driving, 50 minutes observation). Time/Days at parent/teen discretion.

Driver Education Classroom Schedule:

** 9 day specials are ALWAYS available during public school holidays and summer months **

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