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October 9, 2012


Decoder announces our RECESSION BUSTER PROGRAM. We provide customized Internet Marketing Services from our NEWLY RENOVATED home office in Williamsburg.

This features low priced, IT services for small local businesses, who have limited staff and computer hardware and software resources.  Decoder also is NETWORK affiliated with other consulting firms and data service companies.

Our web site www.dava1.com is hosted by www.aplus.net.  Our own email marketing blasts are provided by Easy Contact by Deluxe, a subsidiary of APLUS.NET. We formerly used Constant Contact for email marketing services. Within a wide range of IT services Decoder Associates main operational specialties are now focused on the following:

Contact us to visit our home office in Williamsburg or we can email you free tutorial emails with some TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT OPTIONS. You can see more on a variety of expanded topics covered in the multi-panel slide show in this advertisement this issue the VIRGINIA GAZETTE, starting 7/1/12.

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