Unitarian Universalist


Williamsburg Unitarian Universalist
A welcoming, worshiping, witnessing community.
3051 Ironbound Road • Williamsburg
(between Jamestown Road & Route 5)

Service- 10A
"Beltrane/May Day Celebration"

“Moms & Stardust: A Hi-Tech Look At Where We Came From And Where We Are Going”
Rev. Nicki Royall Peet, Guest Minister

Many people today seem to believe that the internet, iPads, iPhones, etc. are increasingly creating alienation between human beings.  I will be exploring a different point of view.  That is, how the future of internet connectability, and computer chips may expand human consciousness beyond our wildest dreams; and the spiritual implications thereof.

Religious education for pre-k-middle school and nursery care available for children up to age 3.

 Service audio live streamed at www.wuu.org

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