Las Vegas: Bulldogs make a run for it to promote pet-friendly rooms

It wasn’t Pamplona, Spain, but Las Vegas. And those were bulldogs, not bulls, racing along a purpose-built track to promote pet-friendly accommodations.

A crowd gathered as more than 30 pooches participated in the Sept. 28 “Running of the Bulldogs” outside Caesars Palace, dashing -- or in some cases, dawdling -- toward the finish line at a dog house built to look like Rome’s Colosseum.

The first-place ribbon and crown went to Lola, who went home with a package of treats. Her owners, Anthoney Apalategui and Jamie Palazzolo, were awarded a two-night stay in a dog-friendly room at Caesars.

Eight Caesars Entertainment resorts in Vegas participate in the company’s PetStay program. (Don’t let the name fool you. Only dogs are welcome.)

Guests checking in with their hounds receive in-room amenities such as food and water dishes and disposable waste bags. Each property has designated walking routes and outdoor relief areas.

Canine-friendly lodging comes at a price. In an online room search made on Oct. 1, I found a deluxe studio suite at the Rio for the night of Oct. 19 for $161. For the same type of room with PetStay included, the rate is $236.

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