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VSO announces latest Classics season

The Virginia Symphony Orchestra announced its 98th season Thursday, planning a series of concerts beginning in September and running through April 2019. Music director JoAnn Falletta will also return for her 28th season with the organization. In a news release, Falletta said the season “presents...

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  • Opera in Williamsburg announces new season

    Opera in Williamsburg announces new season

    Opera in Williamsburg’s 2018-19 season will bring to life "Carmen" and "La Traviata" alongside a third production yet to be determined. The productions also herald the opera returning to the Kimball Theatre after reaching an arrangement with the College of William and Mary. “Everything we do builds...

      • Winter Blues Jazz Fest return brings heat

        Winter Blues Jazz Fest return brings heat

        Fighting the frostbite of January is no small task. But CultureFix is bringing the Winter Blues Jazz Fest back for a fourth year of live music and fun Jan. 11-14 to help keep the community warm. “We try our best to try and bring in some fresh and creative musicians,” said music coordinator and...

          • Yorktown Battlefield has free entry while Visitor Center is closed

            Yorktown Battlefield has free entry while Visitor Center is closed

            The Yorktown Battlefield Visitor Center is closing Thursday for building upgrades, and the Colonial National Historical Park is offering free admission to the battlefield site during the renovation period. “We will be taking care of some long needed upgrades to the interior, which will improve...

              • Limelight, Jan. 3-7

                Dungeons and Dragons at WRL: Teens can learn how to play the classic role-playing game and join a campaign. First-timers and experienced players welcome. 2 p.m. Sunday at the Williamsburg Regional Library. Free. Historical Organ Recital: The College of William and Mary celebrates the history of...


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                  • Last Word on snow days, Jan. 20

                    Last Word on snow days, Jan. 20

                    Empty trolley I like the picture on the front page of a recent Gazette — the trolley is almost empty. It is usually empty. What a waste of money. Mixed message Now I am confused. To the person who wrote, “I really wish commenters would stop pontificating about what the Bible states — if that is...

                      • Time for America to proclaim TREXIT

                        A little is too much of the absurd and disgusting behaviors of Donald Trump (fake president). It’s time for Republicans to push the handle and send DT down the porcelain receptacle of which he is so well versed. It’s time to engage the exit strategy to rid our nation of this vile and repugnant...

                          • About that inauguration fiesta, governor

                            A few days have passed, and I just can't get over the open-handed support of some of the patrons of the $1.9-million-plus inauguration of Gov. Ralph Northam. What could inspire that kind of generosity? It's a bipartisan question. Let's say I'm a conservative here in Williamsburg. What's my sneaking...

                              • Armchair diagnosis is dangerous and wrong

                                Debate about a president’s health as it relates to his performance in office has long been a part of our country’s history. Accurate, transparent knowledge about a chief executive’s medical conditions is important for the public to know. But there is no place for politically motivated, naïve speculation...

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