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Orioles are a hard-to-find winter treat

Full disclosure: The Baltimore oriole is my favorite bird. This robin-sized songbird cannot be bettered. It has brilliant orange, black and white plumage, is armed with both a syrupy sweet song and an acerbic rattle, and resides in the most serene rural habitats. Its finely woven pendulum of a...

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  • He 'followed the money' and learned

    As per a suggestion by Rufus Schriber in his letter to the editor of Feb. 11, I "followed the money." Had he also mentioned some of the big Democratic donors such as George Soros I might not have given it a second thought. But, Mr. Schriber committed the mistake of only telling one side of the...

      • Wittman's silence in the face of attacks on values

        Americans have a long-held belief that certain values are woven into the fabric of our country. We expect our elected officials to support and defend those values against attack. As a 24-year veteran of the U.S. military, I am very much aware of the solemn oath that public servants must swear to...

          • The spirit behind a revitalized Muscarelle

            If there is a 21st century hero at William & Mary, I nominate Dr. Aaron DeGroft. Here's why: I team taught an advertising persuasion class at the business school for about 10 years with Dr Donald Rahtz. Every couple of years the students would do a campaign for the College's Muscarelle Museum of...

              • 'Sarajevo Roses' tells stories of struggle, rebirth

                In 1993, a year after arriving in besieged Sarajevo, Roger Richards of Norfolk, a filmmaker, photographer and author, stood amidst hundred of fresh graves in Lion Cemetery and made a vow to the citizens of that city that he would tell their story. "Sarajevo Roses," was produced over 24 years and...

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