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Church to hold thank you concert

Just to thank Angelo Maker for his good deeds, the Wellspring United Methodist Church is hosting a concert Friday night at Kimball Theatre. The free performance isn't a fundraiser, but an awareness effort, said Gail Scullion, the church's music director. Maker, a Sudanese refugee sponsored by the...

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  • Health care is not partisan issue

    Remember high school typing class? Complete this sentence: Now is the time for all good men.… Now is the time for a select committee (similar to 9/11) to be formed with the given goal of universal Health Care for the U.S.A. Quit making this a partisan issue. Phil Merrick James City County

      • Schools needs to get back to teaching basics

        Saturday's article in the Gazette about parent's concern over Dana Levy's writing workshops at all nine elementary schools omits a critical part of the discussion. Yes, Ms. Levy writes children's books about families with same-sex parents and that was well covered in the article. What the article...

          • New book emphasizes life's surprising connections

            You toss a pebble into a pond and you never know how far the ripples will spread This happened when Nancy Smith, a writer based in Dallas contacted me and asked for help finding a publisher who will do justice to her new book, "Churchill on the Rivirea: Winston Churchill, Wendy Reves and the House...

              • Blaming others may hide real problem

                During the last presidential campaign, we had a candidate who was busy telling the public what a sad state of affairs we are in. The loss of jobs, the loss of homes, and the growing national debt: a sorry state of affairs for the general public. Who caused the housing bubble to burst? What caused...

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