Environmental Nutrition: 12 tips for eating green

Environmental Nutrition It's the perfect time of year to put Mother Nature back into our thoughts and actions. And one of the most important ways you can flex your green muscle is by making a few simple changes in your diet. Use these eat-eco ideas to boost the planet's health, while staying well-fed....

More Food

More Food

  • Environmental Nutrition: Dill-icious!

    Environmental Nutrition Traditional in cuisines around the world, dill enhances a variety of dishes, from Norwegian gravlax and Mediterranean tzatziki to a good old American burger. And it turns out flavor may not be the strongest suit -- dill is an antioxidant powerhouse. The folklore The dill...

      • EatingWell: Beautiful berries for Mom

        Simple and perfect, this dessert recipe dresses up the basic combination of strawberries and ricotta just a bit; but it's still quite unadorned, so make it when you have great strawberries. Part-skim ricotta is used to keep calories and saturated fat in check in this easy dessert, but for a real...

          • The Kitchn: Minty mango mocktail will brighten your day

   From springtime brunches to afternoon parties to celebrations that go well into the evening, you'll want to include this fast and fancy mocktail in the mix. Loosely inspired by the sweet, minty flavors of a tropical mojito, this version skips the booze in favor of a fizzy ginger beer...

              • Mamma mia! Win mom over with a classic pasta dish on her big day

                It's nearly impossible for me to see a plate of pillowy gnocchi without thinking of my mom, Marilyn. She made this homemade potato pasta on Tuesdays at the window of my sister's shop, Salumi, in Seattle, and it's a classic Batali family recipe that makes for the perfect Mother's Day meal. Perhaps...


                  Kitchen Gadgets & Tools

                  • Pictures: Testing the perfect meat thermometer

                    The perfect meat thermometer

                    This grilling season, instead of relying on poking, stabbing and old-fashioned guessing to tell us when our meat is done, it is time to step up and find the perfect meat thermometer. We tried several types and found a wide range of accuracy and features. Word to the wise: When checking doneness,...

                      • Pictures: Get the scoop

                        Get the scoop

                        Who knew that there are almost as many ways to scoop ice cream as there are flavors at the grocery store? We did the research to find the most efficient tools to serve the ice creams, sorbets and gelatos you're dipping into this summer. From old-fashioned scoopers to newfangled spades, we checked...

                          • Gifts for the heart of the kitchen

                            Sweet, helpful kitchen gifts

                            A way to show thanks: For the mom who often gathers her family in the kitchen, to join in when she stirs up some sweet treat or preps the family dinner, consider these delicious, witty and helpful ideas to accompany a handful of tulips or a potted orchid. And a card, of course, perhaps a handmade...

                              • Pictures: The new crop of grilling gadgets

                                New spring grilling gadgets

                                We tested some fun gadgets to find out which will make your outdoor cooking more efficient and flavorful. We also found a few that might be best to avoid when restocking your culinary tool belt. Check out our choices before investing in a brightly colored silicone set or shiny new grill pan.

                                  Main Dishes


                                  • Revisit the chopped salad with new twists

                                    Chopped salads

                                    Cube by cube, chopped salads deliver array of tastes, textures and colors

                                      • Making it better than takeout

                                        Shrimp with green chili

                                        Reconstructing a favorite shrimp stir-fry recipe at home

                                          • Sauté lettuce for unusual side dish

                                            Sauté lettuce for unusual side dish

                                            Cooking lettuce is uncommon in the United States, but my Chinese and Japanese friends feel any type of green is right for the wok. The secret to stir-frying lettuce is to make sure your wok or skillet is very hot and to cook the lettuce only seconds so that it remains crisp and colorful. The rich...

                                              • Recipe: Eggs stuffed with caviar

                                                Recipe: Eggs stuffed with caviar

                                                Simple yet elegant party appetizer will turn heads