Environmental Nutrition: Shout-out to Brussels sprouts

Environmental Nutrition Brussels sprouts can get a bad rap, especially from kids. But there's more to these little veggies than meets the eye. The folklore Preceded by a less than delicious reputation, Brussels sprouts have been famously refused by children and labeled as smelling of sulphur. Even...

More Food

More Food

  • One for the Table: A delicious reason to love apple season There are plenty of reasons to enjoy apples this season. For me, it's because they make the best desserts. And with apples so plentiful at farmers' markets and supermarkets this time of year, I love to make tarts. There's just something special about an apple tart. Particularly,...

      • Holy mackerel! Cap off summer with a fantastic fish dish

        Holy mackerel! Cap off summer with a fantastic fish dish

        If you've been following me on Instagram, you probably know that seafood is my go-to meal throughout summer. Whether I'm planning a casual dinner in Michigan or exploring coastal towns in Italy, I love picking up the day's fresh catch and firing up the grill. Capping off our Batali summer in Michigan...

          • Environmental Nutrition: Don't fall for 'teatoxing'

            Environmental Nutrition Q: Are there any benefits to teatoxing? A: Of all nutrition misinformation, the idea that one can "detox" to lose weight and get healthy is among the most popular and potentially most harmful. Proponents claim that you can "flush your system" by drinking special concoctions....

              • One for the Table: SweeTango season is the perfect time to make a crisp

                One for the Table: SweeTango season is the perfect time to make a crisp

       New varieties of apples appear now and again, and the SweeTango is a relatively new one that's harvested the end of August and beginning of September. It's a very pretty apple with a bright mix of golden green and bright red. The SweeTango is a cross between a Honeycrisp and...


                  Kitchen Gadgets & Tools

                  • Pictures: Testing the perfect meat thermometer

                    The perfect meat thermometer

                    This grilling season, instead of relying on poking, stabbing and old-fashioned guessing to tell us when our meat is done, it is time to step up and find the perfect meat thermometer. We tried several types and found a wide range of accuracy and features. Word to the wise: When checking doneness,...

                      • Pictures: Get the scoop

                        Get the scoop

                        Who knew that there are almost as many ways to scoop ice cream as there are flavors at the grocery store? We did the research to find the most efficient tools to serve the ice creams, sorbets and gelatos you're dipping into this summer. From old-fashioned scoopers to newfangled spades, we checked...

                          • Gifts for the heart of the kitchen

                            Sweet, helpful kitchen gifts

                            A way to show thanks: For the mom who often gathers her family in the kitchen, to join in when she stirs up some sweet treat or preps the family dinner, consider these delicious, witty and helpful ideas to accompany a handful of tulips or a potted orchid. And a card, of course, perhaps a handmade...

                              • Pictures: The new crop of grilling gadgets

                                New spring grilling gadgets

                                We tested some fun gadgets to find out which will make your outdoor cooking more efficient and flavorful. We also found a few that might be best to avoid when restocking your culinary tool belt. Check out our choices before investing in a brightly colored silicone set or shiny new grill pan.

                                  Main Dishes

                                  • Chef Michael Cimarusti brings the heat to baked shellfish

                                    Skip the raw bar: Baking shellfish

                                    Master Class: As good as raw oysters and clams are, cooked, they take on flavors worth savoring. Here are some tips for preparing and baking oysters and clams.

                                      • Recipe: Mushroom and ham lasagna

                                        Mushroom and ham lasagna

                                        2 hours, plus soaking time for the mushrooms and cooling time for the lasagna. Serves 12 FRESH PASTA 1 2/3 cups unbleached flour, plus extra for rolling the dough 3 eggs 1. Place the flour in the bowl of a mixer or food processor. Add the eggs and mix until a dough starts to come together. The...

                                          • Faster, cheaper, delicious cioppino

                                            Cioppino that's faster

                                            Cioppino recipe cuts corners but not flavor

                                              • How to stuff a burger

                                                Stuffed burgers

                                                Ban blase burgers and up your grilling game


                                                • Revisit the chopped salad with new twists

                                                  Chopped salads

                                                  Cube by cube, chopped salads deliver array of tastes, textures and colors

                                                    • Making it better than takeout

                                                      Shrimp with green chili

                                                      Reconstructing a favorite shrimp stir-fry recipe at home

                                                        • Sauté lettuce for unusual side dish

                                                          Sauté lettuce for unusual side dish

                                                          Cooking lettuce is uncommon in the United States, but my Chinese and Japanese friends feel any type of green is right for the wok. The secret to stir-frying lettuce is to make sure your wok or skillet is very hot and to cook the lettuce only seconds so that it remains crisp and colorful. The rich...

                                                            • Recipe: Eggs stuffed with caviar

                                                              Recipe: Eggs stuffed with caviar

                                                              Simple yet elegant party appetizer will turn heads