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Hampton volunteer wins 'Unsung Heroes Award'

Barbara King does not consider herself an unsung hero despite winning a distinguished award describing her as such. The humble, 81-year-old Hampton resident is a busy woman. She splits her weeks volunteering at two places locally with only her weekends and Mondays off. King volunteers with Hampton...

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  • Add a door bookcase

    A hidden door doesn't just lead into a dark passageway or secret room; it can incorporate a bookcase in its design and bridge the divide between two spaces while adding to the attractiveness of the room. We found two sources online for bookcase doors (www.spacexdoors.com and www.woodfold.com)....

      • Seed a lawn

        Seed a lawn

        Seeding a lawn takes time, but it's considerably less expensive than laying sod. It's a good choice if you want to grow grass in a shaded area, where a shade-loving seed will grow the best. In fact, you'll get the best results by choosing seed suited to the soil and other site conditions, and preparing...

          • Install a multi-pass door

            Install a multi-pass door

            A multi-pass door is an attractive and effective way to create two private areas separated by an opening in a large room. In an opening that is up to 12 feet wide, three doors can slide past each other with a system designed to eliminate the need for traditional swinging doors that take up space...

              • Paint vinyl siding

                Paint vinyl siding

                The key to painting old and weathered vinyl siding is to use a good-quality, acrylic latex exterior paint that will be flexible and withstand climate changes, and still provides a good bond to the vinyl siding. A water-based acrylic exterior paint is a good choice because it goes on easily and...

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                  • Tips: Finding the Right Tree for the Right Place

                    Tips: Finding the Right Tree for the Right Place

                    Fall is an ideal time to plant new trees. The best way to keep trees healthy is by planting the right trees in the right places where they naturally grow best. Homeowners see many benefits to planting trees on their property. Trees provide shade, fruit production, spring and fall color, wildlife...

                      • Tips: Fruits, vegetables for fall planting, growing and harvesting

                        Tips: Fruits, vegetables for fall planting, growing and harvesting

                        Growing your own food is a joy—especially when it's harvest time. Fall is known primarily as the harvest season. But it is also a great time to plant fruit trees and late-season vegetable crops. Trees and bushes planted in the autumn have a chance to set roots before cold winter weather arrives....

                          • Tips: How to preserve and dry herbs

                            Tips: How to preserve and dry herbs

                            For thousands of years, drying was the only way to keep herbs from spoiling. Try it yourself—it's easy, inexpensive and, when you do it at home, requires no chemical additives. Getting Started It's important to harvest herbs at the right time. They should be picked before the flowers develop. Harvest...

                              • Tips: Take September to learn about natural disasters, hazards

                                Tips: Take September to learn about natural disasters, hazards

                                Over the last 30 years, U.S. floods have caused on average $8.2 billion in damages annually. Wildfire suppression costs in the United States have averaged $1.54 billion annually for the last 10 years. Hurricane Sandy caused an estimated $65 billion in damage and economic loss, making it the second...