Documentary shares story of Virginia's first Thanksgiving


In remembering the first Thanksgiving, the 1621 celebration in Plymouth among the Pilgrims and Wampanoag often comes to mind.

But nearly two years prior, in 1619, Captain John Woodlief and a group of settlers stepped foot onto dry land at what is now Berkeley Plantation after journeying from Bristol, England.

Woodlief declared the day, Dec. 4, a day of Thanksgiving.

The story of this Thanksgiving is explored in "The First Official Thanksgiving," a 30-minute documentary produced by Richmond's WCVE PBS in partnership with the Virginia Thanksgiving Festival, an annual celebration of this first Thanksgiving at Berkeley Plantation.

A free showing of the film will occur 2 p.m., Nov. 12, at Kimball Theatre as part of Williamsburg Harvest Celebration's ongoing events.

The 2nd annual harvest celebration continues through Nov. 13, highlighting the region's culinary abundance. For the full schedule, visit

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