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  • Many options to care for your pets

    This is in response to a comment in the Last Word about being able to afford to spay/neuter a pet. The primary reason it is important for everyone to spay and neuter their personal pets is that more animals are born every year than there are new homes for them. From the end of April until the end...

      • Supreme Court should free McDonnell

        When the Supreme Court on Monday, as expected, overturns the convictions of Gov. Bob McDonnell for 11 counts of honest services wire fraud, extortion, and conspiracy, I will be among those rejoicing. That federal prosecutors chose to pursue our former governor, a graduate of Notre Dame and Regent...

          • Parties not willing to compromise

            Everyone wants safety and reasonable regulations when it comes to gun control, right? Action in the U.S. Senate Monday night seems to say something different. The horrendous crime committed by a terrorist in the Orlando night club has re-ignited the demand for more regulations, rightfully so. First,...

              • Put down your phone and look up!

                The other day I was standing in a line somewhere and as I looked at the other people waiting, I noticed that every one of them was either talking on a phone or staring intently at the small screen they were holding in their hands. None of them was interacting with the people around them. Recently...

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