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  • No candidate worthy of his vote

    I consider it my privilege and patriotic duty to exercise the right to vote. However, I cannot in good conscience support either the current Republican or Democratic nominee. The recent political conventions highlighted the increasing polarization of our country by economic class, national origin,...

      • Sanders' revolution must continue

        America has felt the Bern. At the strong and courageous leadership of Senator Bernie Sanders, a political revolution has hit the United States of America. The result: the most progressive platform in American history that will lead America forward. In November, the Democratic Party has a strong...

          • Protect power sources through diversity

            Dominion Power Lines and Diversity; no, not that diversity, power source diversity. Dominion Power installed an underwater 230 kilovolt line from the Yorktown power station to a substation in Hayes. The stated purpose of the line was to back up an existing line to Gloucester County from Middlesex...

              • Stop the shouting, we have work to do

                  A pox on both your houses: Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, and all the special interest groups that support them. You have turned what should be a thoughtful and civilized political discourse into a national nightmare....

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