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  • Dental center gives back with Day of Smiles

    Dental center gives back with Day of Smiles

    Going to the dentist is so routine for many it’s easy to take its significance for granted. For many in the community, the cost of dental work and a lack of resources make even a regular checkup nearly impossible. The Williamsburg Center for Dental Health on Monticello Avenue hopes to alleviate...

      • VSO's latest concert promises epic journey with Wagner

        VSO's latest concert promises epic journey with Wagner

        Long before “Game of Thrones,” “Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter” captured imaginations, German composer Richard Wagner inspired fantastic visions through his music. The Virginia Symphony Orchestra aims to pay homage to the 19th-century visionary with a concert of selections from his epic masterpiece,...

          • Ford's Colony Dance Band Halloween concert swings at Williamsburg Library

            Ford's Colony Dance Band Halloween concert swings at Williamsburg Library

            The Ford's Colony Dance Band hopes to once again relive the swinging big band music of the 20th century with its latest concert, a Halloween-themed shindig at the Williamsburg Regional Library Wednesday. “I grew up listening to it,” said Larry Stowe, the band’s founder, who lauded the genre’s beautiful...

              • Kimball concert celebrates '70s favorites

                Kimball concert celebrates '70s favorites

                From Led Zeppelin to Stevie Wonder, the 1970s offered a revolutionary and eclectic array of music unlike anything before or since. A tribute concert, CultureFix’s What’s Goin’ On, pays homage to that era at the Kimball Theatre Saturday night, featuring the Michael Clark Band, Jonny Waters and Co.,...


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                  • Kelly understands the fullness of education

                    Having worked with James Kelly during the past five years, I fully endorse him for re-election to the W-JCC School Board. Two years ago, several sports teams advanced to “states” in Lynchburg on graduation weekend. Jim arranged to conduct a ceremony for seniors who would miss their own. On Friday...

                      • Icenhour will help manage growth responsibly

                        Four years ago, I had a meltdown over a Republican postcard that showed up in my mailbox. It asserted that Jim Icenhour had voted for a “ boondoggle,” Bldg. D, an overpriced county facility they called a “Taj Mahal.” Bldg. D was the old W-JCC school administration building that was reconfigured...

                          • Articles don't reflect current CW spending

                            In a recent story on Colonial Williamsburg, The Virginia Gazette shed light on important issues about the Foundation’s financial challenges, but in a few cases, presented misleading or out-of-date information. While it’s easy to sensationalize executive pay and benefits, especially during challenging...

                              • Online checkbook high on list for Swanenberg

                                We need Joe Swanenburg for Powhatan supervisor, a strong advocate for transparency and low taxes. Good government requires transparency. Transparency requires fidelity and fiduciary responsibility. Transparency can easily be achieved with an online checkbook, which would itemize where taxpayers’...

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