5 Tips for Successful Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing might seem to be a daunting and cumbersome task to many but the fact is that it is crucial for success of an app. What is even more disturbing is to test the apps that are currently being used and come with loads of hurdles and limitations. There are numerous platforms and devices worldwide and the configuration of each device is not well. Moreover, the usage patterns vary which makes the life of developers and testers like hell. How you can ace mobile app testing phase simple and proficiently, have a look!

Testing is not a Cake Walk:
Many a times, people are under a misconception that testing is an automated process and thus, you need not to put many efforts to it. In fact, many of the developers assume that testing forms an integral part of the app configurations and thus needs no manual inputs. The truth is that it is sheer manual process, time consuming and gets costlier as the time passes by. The later you test, the higher the cost incurred and if bugs found after the launch, the damage done is irreparable.

Test Early, Test Often!
This is the ultimate guide and principal of testing. The app testing should be started earlier. Many app developers suggest that the quickly you make your app friendly and free of errors, the better it gets for the development. The ultimate result is less problems on user end. The designer, developers and the testing team must work in Sync. Quick changes can be made easily and keep your mobile app from glitches.

Planning is Crucial
While the developers might be assuming that your testing team or quality assurance personnel will not notice some of the minute bugs or fix them on their own when encountered, the stark reality is that this is never the case! It required a sound and detailed planning to define the requirements and functionalities of your app for seamless performance. Once you understand this, you will know what platforms and configurations will work best with you app and you can further optimize it to make it work. The time for testing and fixing will also be saved!

Cross Platform Warning
One of the most humiliating and irritating troubles faced during app development is cross platform failure. It is not necessary that cross platform development of your app will result in codes running on all platforms. Even the simplest and smallest codes might show glitches on iOS and Windows.

Keep Collective Approach to Problem
Testing is not a standalone task and for ultimate success, you need to adopt a collective approach. Might be possible that programmers or developers are biased towards their job and thus, it is important to ensure that all the members work together and try their best to know the problems, defects, solution and ready to discuss their ideas that help to solve the problems easily.
Not only development and designing is important, an app developer also needs to focus on testing and fixing. Only then the output will be acceptable and satisfactory.

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