Author and Environmentalist Carolyn O'Neal will be signing copies of her young adult novel KINGSLEY at RavenCon, April 29 - May 1, at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Williamsburg.

For local author Carolyn O'Neal, it was her passion for her son, for the environment, and for the future that inspired her to write an "eco" novel entitled KINGSLEY.
"I'm a recovering shopaholic," admits Carolyn O'Neal, a longtime resident of the Peacock Hill neighborhood in Ivy. "I used to spend hours at Sam's Club." But after Carolyn was hired to manage her neighborhood's water and sewer company, she learned about toxins in the environment, especially those affecting groundwater. "Our wells are only a few miles from the Ivy Landfill," Carolyn says, "So I began reading about the toxins in the products I bought, like paint and plastics. Stuff that's been dumped at the landfill for decades. I worried about my health but even more about my son's health."

This led to the discovery of the research done at the Skinner Laboratory in Washington State University on epigenetics, transgenerational inheritance, and the relationship between environmental toxins and disease. "Transgenerational inheritance might sound like something wonderful, like inheriting your grandmother's wedding ring. But when it comes to disease, it means what we suffer today is due to what our ancestors ate, drank, and breathed."
If gestating females are exposed to environmental toxicants at the time of fetal gonadal sex determination, a number of adult onset diseases develop.
Quote from the Skinner Laboratory,
Scary, especially when you think about how long modern society has been exposed to carbon based toxins, from DDT in the 1950's to bisphenol A (BPA) in the lining of food containers today.

In KINGSLEY, Carolyn O'Neal explores the frightening result of decades of toxins in the environment through the life of a fourteen year old boy named Kingsley Smith. Kingsley is a sweet boy, but he's too fat to wear swim trunks and too poor to play golf. After colony collapse disorder finishes off the bees, a dangerous and mysterious pandemic emerges and attacks anyone and anything with a Y-Chromosome, both human and animal. Kingsley has more to lose than video games and the attention of the girl he loves. His mother believes millions of dollars in research can save her son, and she'll lie, steal and worse to get it. But not everyone mourns the loss of the men. Can an unscrupulous mother and a spirited girl save the last boy on earth?

Fans of dystopian fiction and eco-thrillers (The Hunger Games, The MaddAddam Trilogy) will love KINGSLEY.
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