Bruton High grad pens "spiritually-themed" young adult novel, "Zamoria"

Stanley, NC, May 24, 2016 After teaching Children's Church and Sunday School for many years, former Bruton High grad, Marjorie Hall (formerly known as Marjorie Poole), decided her next novel would feature a time-honored way of revealing deep truths-the parable. "But my book isn't religious or preachy in any way," she states. In fact, Ms. Hall's goal was to make the book as enjoyable, exciting, and mysterious as any young adult novel. She says, "The book's themes are spiritual in nature but the teaching part is entirely incidental-above all, I wanted the book to speak to young people on a deep, personal, level-in a language they could relate to-through adventure and fantasy."

The novel, entitled Zamoria, features a middle school-aged girl named Zoe Jansen who spends almost all of her free time writing and drawing a comic book series called Nelle and (Princess) Zamoria. This is a fantasy world where horses fly, the queen is rumored to have been transformed into a cat, a young princess has been banished from the palace by her evil stepmother, and the princess must learn new ways in order to regain her throne. This scenario is not coincidentally mirrored in Zoe's own life. She's had a tumultuous past few years, with her mother mysteriously abandoning her and her father, and now her father plans to marry bossy Connie, whom Zoe secretly dubs "THE ENFORCER." Ms. Hall says, "Although Zoe's own life becomes quite exciting and has surprises along the way, it's her imaginative fantasy creation where she immerses herself in order to make sense of her own life."

"Middle and high school kids have the same questions adults do-'Why am I here?', 'How can I be happy when so many bad things are happening?', 'What's the best way to handle trouble with other people?' and so on. My book treats these questions on an age-appropriate level for preteens and teens, giving clues to ponder through the story, rather than lecturing," says Ms. Hall.

Zamoria is available now in paperback from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers as well as in ebook format.

About the Author
Marjorie Hall is a Virginia native who currently resides in North Carolina. She is the author and illustrator of the children's books, Wiggleton's Courageous Adventure and Wiggleton's Wrong Way Home. She has a passion for hiking and spending time in nature and also enjoys reading lighthearted fantasy books. Whenever possible she combines these two interests of nature and fantasy in her own works. Zamoria is her first young adult novel.
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