Christopher Wren Association Opens Membership to Adults of All Ages, Announces New Way to Request Courses

Celebrating its 25th year, the Christopher Wren Association is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to people who seek opportunities for learning and enrichment of their lives in a collegial environment of sharing and fellowship. Established as a lifelong learning association dedicated to retirees, the CWA is expanding its focus and now welcomes and encourages adults of all ages who love learning to its classes.

"With so many extraordinary instructors teaching such terrific classes, we want to get the word out that the Christopher Wren Association isn't just for seniors anymore!" explained current board president Bill Riffer.

The 2016 CWA fall catalog presents over 150 offerings to its members - a new record. Since 1991, the CWA has been offering classes on a wide array of topics from World and American History; Art, Music and Film; Science, Health and Math; Finance and Economics; Government and Law; Literature, Philosophy and Religion; to Computers and Technology; Photography, and General Studies.

"Christopher Wren is also known for its lectures and activities," Riffer added. Increasingly popular are one-session lectures on very targeted and pertinent subjects, such as electric cars, terrorism, and the importance of sleep. CWA organizes a monthly book discussion group and, for those who wish to keep their language skills sharp, many students enjoy German, Spanish, French, and Italian conversational tables. The Town & Gown Noon Lecture Series continues to attract large numbers of members, as well.

The Christopher Wren catalog, which describes the courses and activities for the fall semester, will be mailed and posted online on July 6.

New Registration System

In addition to releasing its offerings for the fall semester, the Association also is announcing a new system for course registration. In an effort to streamline the registration process, there will now be a seven-day period to request courses, beginning on July 18. An important feature of the new process is for members to prioritize their courses in order of preference. After the initial request period has closed, the new system will make class assignments and members will be notified of their seat assignments.

Regular members may now attend as many as eight classes per semester, regardless of the duration of the course (either three or six weeks). This is in addition to an unlimited number of activities (including the Town & Gown Lecture series), single lectures, and special event trips.

Two types of membership are available. Regular membership is $100 per semester, and Associate membership (for Town & Gown only, along with eligibility to pay for special event trips) is $45 per semester.

For information about becoming a member, obtaining a new catalog, and requesting courses for the fall semester, contact the Christopher Wren Association at or call 221-1506.

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