FRED EVERSLEY 50 Years an Artist Light & Space & Energy Open at the Muscarelle Museum

Muscarelle Museum of Art Hosts Comprehensive Survey of Renowned Sculptor

The Muscarelle Museum of Art proudly announces a landmark exhibition by one of America's most important sculptors, Fred Eversley: 50 Years an Artist, Light & Space & Energy. Fred Eversley (b. 1941) was among the founding members of the postwar 'Light and Space' movement in Los Angeles in the 1960s and went on to achieve international renown. The exhibition, which comprises twenty-three sculptures ranging in date from 1970 to 2004, marks the fiftieth anniversary of Eversley's distinguished career and is the most comprehensive survey of his work ever presented in an East Coast museum. It will be on view at the museum from September 1 until December 10.

From Botticelli to Eversley at the Muscarelle

To host the Eversley show, the upstairs galleries where Botticelli and the Renaissance held court last spring have been transformed from opulence to evanescence. Cast in polyester resin spun in a high-speed centrifuge, Eversley's sculptures are laboriously hand-polished until they attain a clarity and reflectivity far surpassing glass. From the beginning, and still today at a tireless seventy-six, the artist's driving goal has been to involve the viewer in the energy of light and sound. The concave surfaces of his deeply tinted "lenses" (2 feet in diameter) and "risings" (like luminous spires) use the geometry of the parabola to produce inverted images and reflections that spring into motion as the spectators looks, walk around and change their point of view.

Regarding his working process, Eversley says, "You have an idea, you work like crazy, mostly in the dark, but you can't really get a feeling for the piece until you go through about 15 stages of sanding and polishing. When you clean it up and stand it in the gallery, it either works or it doesn't. If it has a flaw, you can sometimes deal with that. Usually you can't. And even if you've put in a couple hundred hours, you reject it and just walk away."

Developed by Muscarelle Curator John T. Spike in close conversation with the artist, Fred Eversley: 50 Years an Artist, Light & Space & Energy combines for the first time a sizable selection of sculptures (eight) from Eversley's studio in New York City and an even larger group of works (12) that he keeps in Los Angeles. Late in 2016, the L.A. works were presented in the critically acclaimed exhibition, Fred Eversley: Black, White, Gray, curated by Kim Conaty for Art + Practice, Mark Bradford 's art center in Los Angeles. When Black, White, Gray moved on to the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University, Eversley invited the Muscarelle to bring the show to Virginia. "Knowing and admiring Fred Eversley for a long time, we jumped at the opportunity to double the show with works he kept in his New York studio and additional loans from the Virginia Museum of Art in Richmond as well as a remarkable work on loan to the Georgia Museum of art in Athens," said Spike.

Fred Eversley: 50 Years an Artist, Light & Space & Energy" is an important event in the year-long commemoration 'Building on the Legacy' of the fiftieth anniversary of the arrival of African American students in residence at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Va. Eversley's sculpture was previously shown at the Muscarelle Museum in 2012, as part of African American Art : Harlem Renaissance , Civil Rights Era, and Beyond, a major exhibition organized by the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

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