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George Pettengell, passed away last night.

He was the Master Cooper in Colonial Williamsburg for at least 40 years if not more. He and his family were moved to the US by CW in the 60's to share his trade here with visitors. I can't imagine the countless people who must have seen him do his mastery of being a cooper while explaining the trade to them.

I believe he may be the last "Master Cooper" in the world who learned this profession under an actual apprenticeship for the trade. Which he did as a teenager in England. There are other Master Coopers out there, but none who have completed the same criteria he did.

Although he has been retired for some time, I thought you may have interest in telling his story one last time and honoring his life commitment to Colonial Williamsburg and his family. He has four daughters, three whom still line here in Williamsburg, and one in Texas.

Thanks for listening.

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