Good Samaratans Rescue Yorkie from Storm Drain

Our precious Yorkshire terrier, Lily (5.5 pounds), fell down a storm drain last Saturday in the parking lot at McDonalds, Lightfoot, VA. Frantically waiting for 911 to come, some good Samaritans stopped to help. When we told them what had happened they went into action. The teenage girl walked over to the manhole cover, put her two fingers in the holes and lifted that thing up all by herself! Her dad had a hard time putting it back! It usually takes a special tool they insert into the holes to lift that thing.

Anyway, when the cover came off, we looked down and saw Lily was alive and walking around in circles looking for a way out. The father tried to get into the hole but he was too big. The teenager said "I can do it." Her mother immediately said, "NO" and she went in, feet first, about 4/5 feet. She made it down and somehow was able to maneuver her body to bend down enough to grab Lily and lift her out. When they both immerged they were covered in mud, but Lily was safe. We cancelled 911…

These darling people got in their car and left. I did thank them but wish I had thought to get their names or even tell them why my husband was just standing there, helpless after 5 surgeries in 7 days at Johns Hopkins, having been released that very day. If these wonderful people read this or anyone who might know who these people are I'd sure like for them to get in touch with me - (757) 903-1033.

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