Helping Residents at The Landing Cope With Dementia

Without Pattie Gaudio, Williamsburg Landing would not have the facilities or personnel it needs to properly identify and assist those residents suffering from some form of dementia.

As she explained, many of us will at some point feel the effects of dementia, which is a reduction in brain function, often associated with aging, which can be caused by many factors. It can be the result of Alzheimer's Disease, Vascular Disease, Frontotemporal Disease, or Parkinson's, to name a few, as well as a genetic deficiency. Although not much can be done now to arrest Alzheimer's, research in this area is ongoing, and we can hope for encouraging results not too far in the future.

Pattie Gaudio, as Director of Dementia Services at The Landing, is doing her part to take care of those finding it hard to cope at this difficult time of their lives. She spoke recently to the James City County Rotary Club.

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