Holden Lipscomb wins 2015 Community Service Award

Sunday, December 20, at the 9:15 a.m. Burton Parish church service, Holden Dulaney Lipscomb was presented with the 2015 Community Service Award. Holden's nomination for the award was submitted to the Williamsburg Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution in September of this year. After local, state and national approval, Holden's parents were notified of the award just days prior to the day of presentation.

Mr. Lipscomb, a freshman at Virginia Tech, has made an impressive mark on the community of the City of Williamsburg, not only as an outstanding National Honor Society student, Eagle Scout, athlete and high moral example to his peers but also to those around him through his voluntary work at Bruton Parish Church (1715).

Mr. Lipscomb, at a young age, has managed to integrate himself into many avenues of this community, with above average skills and willingness to help others. To quote from a letter of recommendation from Principal Jeffery D. Carroll, Ph.D., Warhill High School, "…two specific characteristics, leadership and honor" describe our nominee perfectly.

The most compelling story was one that Holden wrote about his feelings towards his church that shows a maturity and compassion beyond his age.

"Eighteenth century pews clearly weren't designed for comfort. But leaning back in the gallery pew of Bruton Parish Church I could not be happier. Although my tie is tied a little too tight, my belt is secured too snugly, and the blue hymnal is wedged in my side at an uncomfortable angle, this is the place that I call home. As the minister preaches this Sunday morning about living an honest and pious life, I glance around and begin to think of the rich history that has come through this building. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, governors, have all come to this house of worship with the same goal that I now have. Going to church in such an historic area does having some unique baggage that comes along with it. Tourists constantly poke their heads through the door during the service, scaffolding is a permanent feature for the church, and the pews haven't been adjusted to meet the needs of an aging congregation. But these anomalies are what make Burton Parish home. Spring Sundays were always filled with children climbing the trees in the church yard in their finest clothes, or running around eagerly before the start of the Christmas pageant on Christmas Eve. Perhaps, Bruton Parish is my favorite place in Williamsburg not only because of America's rich history that occurred here, but also because of my rich history that is still occurring here. As I grown and mature, I know that some things will always remain constant. I will always be able to return to Bruton, with my tie a little too tight, my belt secured a little too snugly, and I know that blue hymnal will still sharply poke my back. And I know that on any Sunday morning, I can sit back, smile and appreciate Williamsburg."

Holden received a framed certificate signed by National Chairman Margaret Witmore, NSDAR, a lapel pin and a check for $100. He will be honored at a luncheon on Tuesday, January 3, 2016 at the Williamsburg Chapter's first meeting of the year.

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