Local Mompreneur Releases Book to Shatter the Myth of Balance

It is not a foreign concept to most of us these days. You probably know someone, or it could even be you, that is running around each day feeling completely overwhelmed. We often times have so much on our plates that the plate has completely tipped over.

Until now, the solution is typically to simply "find balance." Williamsburg resident and author of Intuitive Marketing, Gretchen Mall, shatters this myth. "Balance is a target that is always moving and one that quite honestly, you should not spend your time aiming for it." says Mall. She knows first hand how easy it is to get pulled in so many directions that it leaves your head spending. Gretchen wears the hats of Mom, Wife and Entrepreneur among many other responsibilities that she takes care of on a daily basis.

When asked how she is able to handle so much without folding under the pressure to balance everything Gretchen offers this advice.

"You first want to get very clear on what matters most." she says. More than 14 years ago Gretchen shared that she came across this concept while planning for her wedding.

" When my husband and I were planning our wedding we came to a decision that has forever changed my life. Anyone that has planned a wedding knows how stressful it has the potential to be. However, we made the choice to keep it simple. We both picked out our non-negotiables and let everything else just fall in place. It came down to me choosing my dream wedding dress and my husband choosing a beach location, and 14 years later we are still using this concept in our life and in business."

Instead of giving into the idea that you should equally spread your focus and energy across the board and essentially find balance, Gretchen has found that to be a stressful myth. "If you really want to make progress without feeling stressed, figure out what is most important to you, concentrate on that and be open to letting what's not nearly as important fall in place."

Gretchen's book "Intuitive Marketing and Heart Centered Sales" is available online at www.GretchenMall.com where she goes into detail about discovering a better way to get more done without sacrificing your core values in the process.

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