Lock your car when you leave it. Many don't, many purses are stolen

If people would just lock their cars and lock their home windows when they go out, it would make his life a lot easier, stated Alan McDowell, Master Sergeant of the JCC Police, as he addressed the JCC Rotary Club. Burglars are sneak thieves, and will usually run when detected. Aside from burglars and clever panhandlers, scams involving checks and credit cards are still around, The best protection against check fraud is to watch out for people observing you as you write, and inspect the card slot of any ATM machine you may use for a protruding skimmer placed in front of the machine's own reader, officer McDowell told the Rotarians.

Even ATM's in banks have been tampered with in this way. Just be aware of your surroundings, know what to look for, act to deter thieves and don't fall for panhandlers' emotional stories.

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