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Miraculous Sparkle in the Snow!!

Despite the blizzard conditions on Saturday and Sunday, somehow the stars aligned for a perfect little miraculous discovery! Back on December 15 I lost my heirloom engagement ring during a whirlwind day of walking the Warhill trail at WISC, a trip to Starbucks and then a full day of yard work, straightening the garage and trips to the attic taking down Christmas decorations. It was not until the evening that I realized my engagement ring was not on my finger! It had a worn clasp from being cut off my finger in the hospital emergency room after dislocating my finger many years ago and the clasp must have broken during my frenzied day. Although I re-traced my steps, went through 6 bags of trash, posted signs, put an ad in The Last Word and contacted several Pawn Shops the ring was not to be found. I was heartbroken to say the least!

On Saturday I hired 3 local young men (Konrad and Kurtis Steck and Jared Antle) to shovel half of our driveway. It is a long and wide driveway and so I only asked them to clear half of the driveway. They did a great and thorough job and so I was surprised when they called in the morning to say that because of what I paid them they would be coming back to finish my driveway! How often does that happen? I was delighted to find that they arrived early on Sunday and shoveled the rest of the driveway, the front walk, a path to my trash cans and garage door! But the biggest surprise came when I walked outside to thank them and Konrad held up his hand and said I found this as I shoveled....MY RING!!! How in the world with all that snow and shoveling and tossing he noticed that little ring!!!...and even more miraculous that because of their hard work ethic and integrity they came back to do MORE work than I had hired them to do!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! to the Miracle Vineyard Shovellers

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