The year 2015 has been quite a year for the Mullins sister, Deanna, Betty and Mary Lou. After being a part of the local country music scene since they were very small, the girls have not only cut their first CD in Nashville, Tennessee, but with the help of their Nashville producer, Kenny Lee, have had their first release show up as #1 on the Independent Labels and hold that position for a number of weeks. In addition their songs are being played in England and Ireland and they won Best Country Song of the Year (Independent Label) with a self-penned single, "Lying to My Heart."

Their cameo performance at Donk's on the last show (Nov 7th) proved that they have become even more polished and professional during this last year. These girls are three of the most talented and popular performers ever to appear at Donk's. They deliver a polished and professional act, complete with the kind of haunting harmonies that are only found when families sing together. Deanna Mullins, no stranger to the stage at Donk's, is the keyboard player for the Shades of Country, the staff band at Virginia's Li'l Ole Opry, and Betty (previously played bass for the Shades of Country) has made a name for herself as an excellent singer and bandmaster. Mary has used her lovely voice not only to blend with her sisters, but is an accomplished soloist in her own right.

The Mullins Sisters are professional entertainers who have raised another generation of talented and entertaining youngsters. They will join with their families to present an incredible show at Donk's guaranteed to leave the audience wanting more. They all are uniquely gifted musicians - Deanna excelling on keyboards and guitar, and as an accomplished singer and song-writer; Betty, an excellent bass guitarist, now performs with her own band, playing throughout the area. Mary is a mother and a homemaker, but is not lacking in talent and when the three of them blend their voices, there isn't a prettier sound in any music today. They will have their first album for sale at Donk's the night of the show.

On November 21st, they will present a full hour of music, ranging from old country to latest releases. The show will also include The Opry Regulars, Uncle Jimmy Wickham and the Shades of Country. Admission is $15.00 for Adults (Senoior Discount to $12 at the door); $5.00 for children. Show time is 8 P.M. Doors open to the public at 7:30 P.M. For tickets and information call 725-7760 or visit on the web.

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