Must our kids GO through Hell for help to make it ti Heaven?

Since Jovontae's transition to Williamsburg James City County Jurisdiction from 2014-present he has experienced several stressors in reference to start and termination of services, such as CBH case management, and multiply community resources and funding pieces from WJCC FAPT and CANS team. The task of coping and dealing with conflict and rejection has been very difficult for Jovontae in all areas of the community.
Jovontae suffers with difficulties coping with rejection noted with his past mentor, ABA therapy, and in home-mental counseling sessions, school placement, home/Mom and Dad, and some doctor appointments with Dr. Lopez and past medication management physiatrists, and resident. 14-year old Jovontae has multiple difficulties transitioning and staying focus with any service however due to lack of service coordination by WJCC FAPT prior to the decision to terminate funding back on focus with the help of Mr. Johnson mirroring coping behaviors in heated situations caused by Jovontae maladaptive and defiant behaviors, also for the last few months during Mr. Webb's transition in James City County Nurturing Hearts as acting, in-home facilitators, through CBH located in Williamsburg, VA.

Why is a FAPT decision appeal needed?
Jovontae Webb is 162lbs and 5'9 14-year-old child, when Jovontae sets his mind not cope with anger and identify his emotional and intellectual feelings, along with aggression and impulsively time has been proven Mr. Webb becomes very difficult to care for from the perspective, of past and present caregivers, advocates, parent, or service provider without the appropriate services recommended by WJCC FAPT team and Medical professionals Grafton Integrated Network actively in place it is proven, and noted that Jovontae cannot function in a home or community setting. As Jovontae's mother, I actively work hard to advocate every day to provide for him a loving home with routine services. As recommended by Grafton and proposed during multiple WJCC FAPT and CANS meeting's from 12/9/2015 through current (last meeting 8/10/2016). As Jovontae mother my goal is to provide a healthy, safe, yet routine environment that will enable Mr. Webb to remain in the home and community placement. Unfortunately, safety issues arise when decisions concerning Mr. Webb care are made last minute by WJCC FAPT without notifying the acting GAL Erin Smith as well as acting, medical, mental illness providers, Case managers, and social workers from Grafton located in Berryville VA, 22611.
As a devoted parent I trusted all parties of Williamsburg James City County FAPT and CAN team to solve this mystery of what is the best interest of my son also known as the client and guilty party facing judicial charges. Therefore, I know there is no way on this earth I can aid Mr. Webb's current diagnosis alone or without the appropriate, consistent, community resource team placed in motion in a timely matter, and the supportive open communication concerning decisions with Jovontae placement from WJCC FAPT team in conjunction with all active parties. Unfortunately, without Jovontae's willingness to participate based on his delayed perception, low IQ, mental illness diagnosis (consisting of Psychosis), Autistic spectrum and the ability to process what is needed to survive in a less restricted environment known as home/community has become a challenge for all parties involved. I request an appeal from the WJCC FAPT team, based on the recommendations given by WJCC FAPT team on July 13, 2016, and August 10, 2016. The Discharge summary and current support's do not support the final recommendations noted from the WJCC FAPT and CANS team, to extend funding and recommend an extention of placement in Grafton Intergrated Network. Did this happen? absolutely NOT nothing suggested was followed not even the exit date, Jovontae was release on 8/29/2016 from Grafton intergrated Network Berryville VA 22611 and placed in a home/community situation with only one service partially in place. Serveral incidents of agression and physical maladaptive behaviors occured with CIT's called to the scene, vehicles, damaged, crisis intervention, yet WJCC FAPT and CANS team released my child with the finding's that funding was no longer needed so an extension of funding was not meet and Jovontae was released back to his mother, also known as the active victim in a past, yet pending juvenile criminal matter. For further proof of these finding's all information each dated document is accessible by Mother Jessica White. Note a court ordered Juvenile competency evaluation exam has been scheduled on 8/31/2016 at 3:00 PM with Dr. McWilliams located at 364 Mclaws Circle Suite 1B Williamsburg, VA 23185. Any further questions please feel free to contact Mother and Active advocate, Jessica White at 804-313-7149 or email me at

Has helping our mental illness community come to $$$$$ signs or saving lives for Williamsburg James City County, VA? You be the judge!

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