My Dream

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I wanted to hold a peaceful protest in the spirit of MLK. Considering MLK's wife and son both went Vegan after his death and that the most abused living beings on this planet are denied all civil rights, I decided that I would do a silent sit in by the bacon and ham section at WalMart to protest how animals are treated. I had no intentions of trying to say anything to costumers nor to block them from shopping. Rather, I brought my little herd of stuffed animals holding signs and memorial frames for the billions of animals killed every year for no reason other than because humans like how it tastes. To simply say they are different is no justification. Unless we are willing to take a giant leap backwards in terms of civil rights and assert that any difference we notice in a group can justify treating that group any way we please. We have no better justification for doing what we do to animals than slave owners or racists had for treating African Americans as inferior. And we have no better justification than Hitler had for treating Jews the way he did. As Martin Luther King pointed out, every thing Hitler did was completely legal. That is why I felt compelled to listen to the words of Martin Luther King when he reminded us that 'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.' No one can rationally deny that animals are abused and mistreated. We kill them because we like how they taste. What greater injustice could there be. Creatures that feel love, fear death, seek to avoid pain, demonstrate a love of their families and children and show compassion towards others are treated as mere objects to be killed, chopped up and have their body parts displayed, priced and consumed by people only to result in heart disease, cancer, destroying our environment and the deadening of compassion within our hearts. How we treat those who are weaker than us tells us volumes about who we are as a people. Until this changes, the Civil Rights movement will be incomplete.

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