Press Release Grip Work Gear LLC: The Launching of a New Clothing Empire

Grip Work Gear LLC was established in August 2015 with the idea that we each were born with a personal responsibility to create the life you desire. It's what our elders try to teach, but the millennials have failed to grasp. Why? Because the older generations are too stuck on school, bills, and fitting the norm. Grip Work is about going after your dreams and becoming the best version of yourself. It's about taking life's challenges head on to become who you were destined to be. It's about picking up the weight because nobody will do it for you. Get a GRIP on life.

Grip Work Gear LLC was founded by Mel Jones, a resident of Williamsburg, VA. Raised in a military family, Jones has led the way for his 3 younger siblings as well as his incredible 4 year old boy by first graduating from the College of William and Mary as a full ride scholarship athlete, becoming a Top Personal Trainer for America Family Fitness, leading a life as a Motivational Speaker (AKA The Motivational Philosopher), and now constructing the next big fitness line of the world.

"Grip Work is more than just a clothing line. It's a philosophy backed by the notion that no one is going to lift the weight for you. Not because nobody cares, but because we were all given our own burden to withstand. The awesome thing about struggling through your own challenges is that you become stronger from it. That is why I started this company, to be an example to my girlfriend, our son, my family and my friends of what happens when you push past the obstacles and step into the other side of greatness" said Jones

Grip Work. Grip Gear. Grip Work Gear. In whatever form you may see it, has come hard and fast and they have the attitude that they are here to stay. "I didn't create this company to make money. I created Grip Work Gear to inspire people and show them proof that you can do anything you set your mind to" said Jones.

Grip Work Gear , though focused on the weight lifting aspect of fitness, has more to offer than just thought provoking designs. It is also geared towards comfort , empowerment, self belief, and giving back to the community. Even with Grip Work Gear being such a new entity in the business world, Mel Jones was able to start a charity organization through Grip Work Gear LLC called Fourth Quarter Giving. "We all know what the fourth quarter is on the calendar. It's the last 3 months of the year. It's when the holidays start to kick in full force and it is the season of giving. I chose to make the fourth quarter something special for the community. So Grip Work Gear this past Christmas teamed up with Woodforest Bank to cook breakfast and provide gifts for the occupants of Menchville House" explained Jones.

Menchville House is a forty six-bed emergency housing facility for homeless families, located in the Denbigh are of Newport News. It has been around since April of 1988 and is the first organization of many to benefit from the generosity and community of awareness of Grip Work Gear.

Grip Work Gear apparel is currently available online at To get in touch with it's founder Mel Jones, feel free to email him at

About Grip Work Gear LLC:

Grip Work Gear was founded on one truth. The truth of what your life is really about. Personal Responsibility. It is the very thing that our parents, coaches, teachers, and mentors try to instill in us, but normally with fail. Why? Because past generations have missed out on something that the new generations have figured out. That life is more than just about paying bills, raising children, and staying out of trouble. It's about going after your dreams and becoming the best version of yourself. It's about taking life's challenges head on to become who you were destined to be. It's about picking up the weight because nobody will do it for you. You have to get a grip on life and promise yourself to never let go. Grip Work is our Mantra for the work we must put it. Ultimately, to achieve your greatness you have to do more than just grind for a day, you have to Grip for a lifetime.
For more information about Grip Work Gear LLC visit and connect on Twitter and Instagram @gripworkgear.

About Mel Jones (The Motivational Philosopher):

Mel Jones is a graduate of The College of William and Mary. Jones played 5 years for the Tribe Football team while majoring in the field of economics. Being raised in a military family, Mel was privileged to live in many states across America such as Hawaii, Texas, Maryland and was even stationed half way across the world in South Korea. His experience with a large variety of people and environments has allowed me to pick up valuable skills in leadership, communication, and problem solving. Now living in Williamsburg, VA, Mel Jones shares with thousands of people online my stories of overcoming challenges, knowledge on financial growth, and advice on dealing with people in all phases of life. When not speaking to an audience or Sales team, Mel uses his Personal Training Certification to help coach people into a fit lifestyle.
For more information about Mel Jones visit and connect on Instagram and Facebook, @motivationalphilosopher.

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