Raising Awareness about Electrical Status Epilepticus During Sleep (ESES)

In Honor of October's Disability History Awareness Month, my wonderful Nanny and I started our first door to door campaign raising awareness about Electrical Status Epilepticus During Sleep (ESES), a neurological condition that causes childhood aphasia , loss of developmental milestones and life threatening seizures. I think this may be the first formal awareness campaign since this disease was discovered more than 50 years ago. Today we met some amazing staff members and students at the College of William and Mary who has agreed to help us raise awareness by distributing Joshua's flyers throughout the campus. We also visited various businesses in our community, W & M's preschool, and ended the day by stopping by the Williamsburg Virginia Gazette to snap this photo where we ran into Ryan McKinnon, our local Special Education Reporter who has been doing an amazing job being the voice for special needs children in our local community. Thank you for listening Ryan, we continue to look forward to hearing what you have to say. Warm Regards, Vinez Campbell

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