Maritime Archaeologist John Broadwater was the speaker at the Kingsmill Third Thursday Lunch Bunch February meeting. He gave a power point presentation about the recovery operations for the USS Monitor. He started out telling about John Ericsson who designed the vessel and about the Battle of Hampton Roads. Mr. Broadwater said that the Monitor sank in 220 feet of water off of Cape Hatteras while being towed from Hampton Roads to Charleston, South Carolina. Using the ship's log from the towing ship, the wreck was located in August of 1973. Because of the depth of the water, it was not possible to dive on the wreck, but using a super camera, pictures of the sunken vessel were obtained in 1974. In order to protect the wreck, the wreck site was designated a Marine Sanctuary in 1975. Divers were able to recover some small artifacts in 1977 and 1978. As part of their training program, Navy Deep Divers did most of the recovery dives. Finally, in August of 2002 the recovery team was able to recover the Monitor's Turret, which is now in the Mariners Museum along with other artifacts from the ship. The ship's hull is in such bad shape, it cannot be salvaged and is still sitting on the bottom of the Ocean.

Club President Pete Peterson is shown presenting Mr. Broadwatwr with a Certificate of Appreciation.

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