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Good Morning Gazette,

My beautiful wife Karen and I started a charity for Lupus disease a few years ago. This cause is so near and dear to both of our hearts because Karen suffers with this illness and I am her primary caregiver. As my wife was turning 40, instead of throwing herself a BIG 40TH Birthday Celebration, she wanted to honor other men and women that also suffer with Lupus. She sacrificed her special day for our 1st honoree Mrs. Hannah Petteway of Jacksonville, NC. We are asking that you visit our newly launched website at and help us change lives, one day at a time. There you will find out more about our charity and the services that we provide. No charity can be made possible without its supporters, and we have come up with several ways in which people can help support our cause.
(1.) We are gearing up for our Annual Lupus Butterfly Awards Banquet taking place on December 26th, 2015 in Williamsburg VA. We are so blessed and honored to award this year's recipient Mr. Thomas Griffin of Los Angeles, California with our 2015 BUTTERFLY AWARD. Thomas has not been alone in his journey with Lupus..... Right by his side stands his beautiful wife and caregiver Orianna. It is our pleasure to present him with such an award, for the great courage he in which he has shown as a Lupus sufferer. Now we realize that many of you may have already made plans to travel during the Christmas season, however if you are in another state or are unable to attend you can sponsor a seat at our ticket web site
The cost of the banquet tickets are $15 plus a processing fee of $1.82 totaling to $16.82. There are also two other ways that you can support The Purple Promise.

(2). Since we had success with them in 2013, once again we've partnered with a National T-Shirt company called Custom Ink through their booster program to sell our own T-Shirts. Our campaign ends on November 7th, 2015. That will be the last day to place an order for a cool Purple Promise Tee. The cost is $20 plus a $5 shipping fee. All t-shirts will be shipped out 2 weeks after the campaign closes. So they will arrive just in time for Thanksgiving. To purchase a shirt please visit

(3). You can make an online donation by visiting
No amount is too small and would be greatly appreciated.
All of these proceeds will go towards supporting Lupus patients with things such as their medical expenses, co-pays and other special needs, our Awards Banquet and our 2015 Butterfly Award Recipient. Thank You in Advance for your consideration of support.
God Bless You, Mr. Jenkins

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