Williamsburg Author is Nominated for Nonfiction Book of the Year

Tim Scullion is a multiple genre author, photographer, and musician whose latest book has been nominated for consideration in the nonfiction category for the 20th annual Library of Virginia Literary Awards. The Literary Awards celebrate Virginia authors, their publishers, and their literary contributions. The book Haunted, Historic Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia: with Breakthrough Ghost Photography, is a first in the world of paranormal research: Scullion has completed a 2-year photographic study of Colonial Williamsburg-out of over 10,000 photographs, only the very best were chosen (230) to document ghosts and apparitions of all sizes, shapes, and colors. He has unlocked techniques to consistently photograph residents of the "other side", and has included historical background and the lore and legacy of the paranormal to accompany each building in the world's largest living museum. The book is available at Schiffer Publishing, Amazon http://amzn.com/0764350609, Colonial Williamsburg's Visitor Center, your local Barnes and Nobel bookstore as well as many other locations.

Tim is a graduate of the College of William and Mary, with both a bachelor's and master's degree (cum laude)-both while working a full time job. He is a multi-instrumentalist musician and has written a series of books on lead guitar called Shred Tech. Tim has also written a very different Christmas novel titled Nick as well as writing and illustrating a children's activity book titled the Kids 4-rever Club. (All of these books are available at Amazon.)

About 5 years ago Tim worked in Colonial Williamsburg as a tour guide, and was asked to give ghost tours. He was a profound skeptic about ghosts, but did it because it appealed to the musician / entertainer in him. On these ghost tours, every once-in-a-while someone would take a photo (usually with just an ordinary cell phone) and capture something paranormal that no one could see with the naked eye. He was also a photographer at the time--so he thought if a random tourist could capture something on a cell phone camera--what could he do with his professional equipment? So over the next two years he began to experiment with techniques and with the camera technology with the goal of being able to consistently capture the paranormal. He began to get ghost photos of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Out of over 10,000 photos taken in a 2-year span, he has selected 230 of the very best to include in this book. He has classified these photos into three different categories: (1.) Geo-lights-apparitions of highly colored geometric shapes of light, (2.) Classic whites-apparitions with an appearance of a white, ephemeral face with eyespots and sometimes a nose and/or mouth feature, and (3.) Visages-faces with distinguishable human features. However, there are some photos which defy a rational description and for which there is no explanation-perhaps only God knows. Now, over five years and 15,000 photographs later, he can go anywhere (not just Williamsburg) and photograph ghosts-if they are there/and the right conditions exist. For example, on a vacation trip to the Outer Banks this past year, while trying to photograph the Persiad Meteor Shower, he captured the face of a woman at the top of the stairway to the beach and multiple ghosts at the Currituck Lighthouse. The great thing about Colonial Williamsburg is that there is a concentration of ghosts here due to the area's amazing history and its role in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. For those that are skeptical of the veracity of the photographs, he has set aside a folder of some of the best photos to be released at the proper time to be examined by photographic experts so that they can determine that they have not been tampered with or altered in any way! This book not only is proof that life continues after death, but also that the forms that it can take are boundless. It has profoundly changed the way he looks at life & death, and believes that it will do the same for anyone that reads it. There is a larger picture that needs to be seen by anyone and everyone. Existentialism is no longer a viable belief system; here is proof that there is life after death, along with an infinite number of questions that we have no answers to . . . yet! 

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