Williamsburg Best of Senior Living 2016 Award Goes To....Greenfield and Heritage Commons

How to Find High-Quality Senior Care in Williamsburg

Awards help us out as a shorthand for recognizing what's worth our time, money, or consideration. They're rarely necessary and often we find ourselves disagreeing with them, but there's a reason we keep paying attention to the Oscars or Grammys, even as they so often snub our favorites year after year. Even when they don't match our preferences exactly, they still serve a convenient purpose.

The 2016 Best of Senior Living Awards were just released by SeniorAdvisor.com. In the same way that the Academy Awards can work as a handy shorthand for figuring out the best movies to spend your time on, the Best of Senior Living Awards can work as your guide to identifying the best assisted living communities when you start your search.

The awards are determined based on the reviews and ratings of seniors like you. The SeniorAdvisor.com website has accumulated over 100,000 ratings from actual seniors (and their loved ones) who have direct experience with the senior living communities and home care agencies they review. That many opinions provide a strong picture of just which providers in the country seniors are happiest with.

In order to win an award, a senior care provider had to earn an average of at least 4.5 stars out of 5. The winners are in exclusive company - only about 1,000 homes out of the over 100,000 listed on the site have ratings that high. That means all of the homes on the Best of Senior Living list are in the top 1% of the country.

Don't think you have to go far to find high-quality senior living. Two of the top 1% in the country are right here in your backyard. The best senior living in Williamsburg include:

● Greenfield of Williamsburg

● Heritage Commons of Williamsburg

As with any awards, the list of winners is a good sign of which homes are worth considering, but they can't tell you which home is the best fit for you. You actually have a full thirty-four of homes to choose from in the Williamsburg area and one of those that didn't make the list this year may actually be the perfect fit for your wants and needs.

The trick is to work out what's most important to you in a senior living facility. Once you know that, the homes that won awards are a safe place to start, but you can use the search options on SeniorAdvisor.com to get a fuller picture of your wider options. A few simple searches can help you narrow down your options based on the features most important to you - like whether there's a swimming pool, how far the home is from your favorite park, or whether or not they offer memory care.

At the end of the day, you may fall in love with one of the Best of Senior Living homes, or you may find another option that's just right. Either way, you can help out future seniors by taking 5 minutes to add your own review to the 100,000 already on the website. Every year as that number grows, more seniors get a snapshot into what to expect from the local assisted living homes and how to choose the best one to spend their lives in in the years to come.

View the best senior living in Williamsburg at https://www.senioradvisor.com/williamsburg-va/independent-living

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