Williamsburg Host Lions - United Way Day of Caring -- Norge Head Start

The Williamsburg Host Lions Club volunteered to work the 2016 United Way Day of Caring and were assigned to the Norge Head Start Classes. They spent the day with Head Start Teachers Ms. Elisabeth, Ms. Jamie, Ms. Angle and Ms. Erica. The children start their day off where they are all gathered around a circle with each student having their names on a spot around a circle, and they discuss the day of the week, and the month and also one of the children is dispatched to the window to report of the weather. Then is it time for Breakfast, each the children also have a place at the table with their names on it where they will eat their breakfast. After breakfast all the children are again gathered around in the circle for Learning, then it is play time and each of the children goes to one of the play areas. Then comes the Special Music teacher who comes every Friday and introduces special music to the children and they enjoyed this very much. Then it is time for the Playground where the children get some of their pent up energy a place to spill out. Then it is time for Lunch, and after lunch they all pack up and go home. This is a very busy time for the teachers in these two classes. Classes have 19 and 20 children in them and the teachers are constantly on the go. It was a pleasure to experience a day with these young children and they were very welcoming to us as we joined them in their activities throughout the day.

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