Last Word celebrates a holiday kindness on Jan. 14

NRA should consider more training and less lobbying


Genuine kindness 

I would like to thank Al and wish him and his family a happy and healthy new year.  I was at Food Lion the day before Christmas, and while standing in line I struck up a conversation with a gentleman standing behind me.  My husband used to tease me that I never met a stranger.  Anyhow, after our conversation, he purchased my groceries.  My heart was so touched by this simple act of kindness.  Al, you definitely brightened my Christmas. 

Disappointing message

I was surprised and disappointed that the First Baptist Church in Williamsburg preaches that the community, and our nation is wracked with racial tension. They should be ashamed.


All should clearly understand that more Americans have been killed by guns since 1968 than in all U.S. wars, as columnist Nicholas Kristof of the N.Y. Times wrote. The NRA should be proactive in improving gun safety as their mission statement indicates by providing a certification training of anyone of the gun of their choice before they could purchase. Since Congress cannot address and the president’s executive actions have minimal impact, an independent industry and non-government program would certainly be more beneficial than monies spent by the NRA on lobbying Congress. Is the NRA bold and brave enough to step up to the plate to reduce gun violence?

In light of the fact that the GOP has controlled Congress foe six years, why haven't they voted to remove the metal detectors at the Capitol and let visitors walk around with semiautomatic weapons with 30 round clips ? Answer. Blatant cowardly hypocrites.

Let’s be clear, the fact is more people are killed due to cars being driven [by drivers] under the influence of either alcohol or drugs than are killed by guns. Once again, it’s the criminal that is the cause of death and not the means of which is used to do so that is the problem.

Christmas hours

Really? You want grocery stores to stay open on Christmas Day because you couldn't plan far enough ahead (by one day) to get your baby food or medications?  Please! What kind of a whining, me first, nanny state have we become? Boo-Hoo.

Concerning “Too much Christmas” comment:  December 25th has been Christmas Day for a very long time! Grocery and other stores are open the day before and the day after.  Plan accordingly! Having nothing open one day in the year will not kill anyone!

Cards for mom

I have an extensive collection of White House Christmas cards and would be delighted to show them to your mother.  Please put contact information in the Gazette and I will be in touch.

Mail service 

I mailed a 7-pound package to Ohio recently via UPS and it cost $30.00. Afterward, I checked with the post office and it would have cost $20.00 there. Also UPS wanted to charge me $12.00 to mail an envelope to Alexandria, VA, but I told the clerk too much. I took it to the post office and mailed it for $3.14!

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