Virginia Gazette Last Word for July 19: Closed shortcut; Weeds and bushes; Grandkids to-do list

Closed shortcut

"There was a recent item in the Last Word about the service road between James York Plaza and Hubbard that has been closed for months and is an inconvenience to residents. There was a phone number listed for the plaza management company, but they do not own the road. It is owned by American Classic Storage."

"Does the contractor working on the cut-though service road at the James York Plaza know that the contractors who built the Empire State Building took only 410 days to complete it? To think of the modem day tools and equipment we have now compared to what they had in 1929 would make you think this job should have been completed months ago."

Weeds and bushes

"The people who purchased Williamsburg Outlet Mall need to give some attention to the weeds along Richmond Road. You can barely see McDonald's. What an eyesore for visitors who come to our beautiful area."

"To the person concerned about large bushes and trees planted on a corner: I called Public Works for the City of Williamsburg regarding two properties, one on Longhill and one on Tyler Brooks. And within 24 hours, they came and the bushes were cut back. So, call the city. That's always the first advice I give anyone that has a concern, a complaint, a compliment. Call the department that handles the issue."

Come and get it

"Free: Baldwin Acrosonic console piano. A few keys need repair. Comes with bench. Must be picked up. Call 564-6993."

Grandkids to-do list

"In response to the family visiting in September with children 21/2 and 9 months old: I suggest that from dawn to dusk the grandparents have the children at home, babysitting them and playing with them, and let the parents have a whole day off to do as they wish. They would love it!"

"To the folks whose young grandchildren are coming to visit, little people like little and gentle activities. Talk softly to them. Stay eye level with the little ones. Turn off the TV the entire time they are visiting and play with them. Sit on the floor in a circle and roll a ball back and forth. Get a little bottle of bubbles and a little blower, not a big fancy one. Get one of those very shallow puddle pools for the yard. Fill it with a little water in the morning, so it can warm up. Keep the pool in the shade. Let the little ones splash and push little boats around. (Grandpa can make wooden ones in advance.) The local parks have child-size fun activities. Eat ice cream. Sing kid songs with hand motions, march around the room. Do activities in the morning when it is cooler and they are not tired. Everyone takes a nap after lunch. Take them to the children's section of the Williamsburg Library. The wonderful librarians will give you suggestions. Sit on the sofa with one on each side and read to them, preferably with sound effects, whistles, clapping, etc. Let the older one turn pages. When they fall asleep on your lap, just quietly hold them, listen to their gurgles, watch their faces move. In 15 years, they will have their own activities and interests. Enjoy them now."

"To the person who requested possible activities for young grandchildren: the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News, the Children's Museum in Portsmouth, the Norfolk Zoo. Hope this helps."

Does anyone know?

"Two young Chinese women working in Williamsburg this summer are trying to find used bicycles to get around town. When they leave, they can donate them to the next students arriving. If you have one taking up space and would like to donate it or charge a nominal fee, please call Ann Hunt at 229-1384 or email"

"91-year-old moving from nursing care to assisted living in need of hospital bed. Will not qualify for Medicare help. Contact"

"To the person looking for Truck Trader magazine, some 7-Eleven stores still carry it."

"Does anyone know where I can find someone who can build a solid wood custom base cabinet for my kitchen and also install a solid wood butcher block with a top?"

"To the person looking for 'over 40' singles groups in Williamsburg, there is a group of singles that meets at restaurants once a month for 50 and over. Contact"

"I want to make homemade yogurt but can't find anywhere in Williamsburg that sells the culture starter. Does anyone know where to purchase a yogurt culture starter powder locally? I'm lactose intolerant so I want to make almond milk or hemp milk yogurt. I cannot use cow's milk yogurt as a starter."

"To the person calling about blocking calls: I blocked a phone number, and the call still comes through. If you have an idea how to truly block numbers, I would appreciate it. I even called Cox, and they said they weren't certain how they were getting around my block. And when I called to check to see which numbers are blocked, it definitely is listed."