Virginia Gazette Last Word for July 23: Outlet mall; Bicyclist rules; Roaming pets

Outlet mall

"When is construction going to start on the new Harris Teeter? The Outlet Mall has been vacant for some time now, and the weeds have grown just as tall as the building."

"Why doesn't the county step in and do something about the weeds and overgrown landscaping at the closed Outlet Mall? It looks like something you would see in bad cities. Have some pride in our community and get that place in an acceptable condition. It should at minimum be mowed if there is going to be a construction site there. Williamsburg needs to force builders and contractors to get in line with the perception of this historic area. We should require builders and contractors to keep their job sites clean."

Bicyclist rules

"What are the rules for bicyclists who ride on roads? My question is, since they're supposed to ride with traffic and obey all signs, if they don't, is there a penalty? Accidents happen when they don't follow the rules."

"When there is a bike lane, such as on Rochambeau in front of Bruton High School, the peloton should be in it and riding single file, not spread across the whole driving lane."

Roaming pets

"To readers who have complained about their neighbor's pet invading their yard, I have found an effective and harmless solution. It is called a Scarecrow ( It senses the intruder and harmlessly sprays them with water – like a sprinkler system. It is also effective against deer and even that person down the street who uses your lawn for his dog's toilet."

"We have noted several regular dog walkers in our neighborhood allowing and even encouraging their pets to utilize neighbors' yards as toilets. It's time to stop ignorant and thoughtless pet owners in Holly Hills from walking their dogs in accompanying neighborhoods and allowing those dogs to destroy neighbors' lawns. It has always been interesting to me that some dog owners never want their pets to destroy their lawns, but have no hesitation walking them onto a neighbor's private property and destroying theirs. There should be a law!"

Around town

"Whose bright idea was it to add four 15-minute-only parking spaces to the Monticello Shopping Center parking lot? That's ridiculous. Parking is at a premium as it is."

"If the Candle Light Kitchen in Norge is no longer open, the owners should put up a sign saying it is closed, or remove their signage altogether."

"Before Big Lots closed, I was told by one of the workers that they were just looking for a new place to land. Since then, there have been many more vacancies: the Petco building, the Candy Store. So, is Big Lots going to return to Williamsburg?"

"Whose responsibility is it to pick up dead animals off the side of the road? There was a dead deer on the side of Route 199 eastbound for several days. I'm surprised that members of law enforcement didn't call for someone to have it picked up."

The Virginia Department of Transportation removes dead animals from roads it maintains.


"I've got a question about recycling. As far as plastic bottles go, I read that you're supposed to remove the lids and rinse them out. But once you remove the lids, are they considered recycled? Do they go in the recycling bin or are they considered trash?"

"I like my new recycle cart, and I really needed a larger one due to the bulk stuff that is in my mail every day and also my newspapers. I recycle everything I can and would always overfill the other little container. Thanks for providing them to us."

Driving along

"A note to the lady who came off the Route 199 exit ramp onto Mooretown Road at around 60 mph, and without looking or yielding, nearly ran into me as I tried to take the ramp from Mooretown Road. Next time, I will not slam on brakes to keep you from hitting me, and when Lowell 'The Hammer' Stanley finishes with you, I will be a millionaire!"