Virginia Gazette Last Word for July 30:

Stryker Building

"Take a good look at the Stryker Building before it is razed. Take in the mature crepe myrtle trees, the grassy expanse and the white pine grove. They surely will disappear with the building. Why not leave trees and make a downtown park? The building hasn't been used fully in a year. Is it possible the new $6 million municipal building is sufficient for city offices? Imagine downtown workers enjoying benches and tables at lunch and on their breaks. Why do we have to pave green space and put up more buildings?"

Customer service

"I wanted to let everyone in Williamsburg know about Williamsburg Chauffeur Service, a company I hire quite regularly for business and personal use. All of the chauffeurs are excellent, but two always go above and beyond for their clients. Usually Michelle Moore will transport me in the early mornings to airports and her husband Don transports me home later in the evening. Michelle is always very delightful always has a very cheery disposition. Don also has a wonderful disposition and has always been on time and he always makes sure that my every need is met. I highly recommend this company."

"Dolly and her mother want to thank Leslie from Petco her grooming skills. You were so sweet and caring.'"

Back to school

"School bus drivers should be added to the back-to-school supply list. Hand sanitizers, boxes of tissues and disinfecting sprays should be given to the school bus drivers so they don't have to supply that on their own."

Child abuse case

"To the young man who turned in his girlfriend's videos of her allegedly abusing her 2 year old child: You are to be commended. Just reading about it made me sick. You are indeed a good, young man. May you have a blessed future."

Colonial Williamsburg ads

"The wonderful ads you are seeing on TV are done by The Martin Agency out of Richmond."


"Why were all the pretty Queen Ann Lace wildflowers cut down at the western end of the Chickahominy Bridge on Rt. 5? I believe they were on state property. I enjoyed seeing them each time I crossed the bridge."

Cheers and jeers

"Congratulations to the Rotary Club for yet another fine show in its Charity Concert Series. This performance featured Code Blue. We can always look forward to Steve Menaquale finding the best talent available."

"Though I've never met him, I'd like to shake Walter Zadan's hand for his masterful July 23 rebuttal of the yet again tiresome, customary low-informational screed with its predictive injection of hyper-partisan ideology. Thank you, Mr. Zadan, for bursting these simplistic and close-minded assertions."

"I want to thank Sentara therapy for taking care of me through my therapy and exercises. Thank you, Audra, Mary Lou and Sharon, for working with me."

"Any retailer that offers self checkout should also offer the customer a discount for using it."

"I have been watching a remodeling and a yard project just off of Jamestown Road, and Hertzler & George has done an outstanding job with building a porch and then landscaping around it. It looks absolutely wonderful. If I ever needed anybody, they would be the ones to call."

WJC Schools