Last Word, Sept. 8: Confederacy, lost and found

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Rules of business

The three most important rules of operating a successful business are: First, hire people who are willing to work at the minimum wage until they learn the job to your highly detailed job description. Second, when they finish their training, supervise them frequently with words of encouragement. Third, terminate them if they are not able to stay efficient and dependable.

New phone books

To the person who wanted to order new phone directories: The Verizon number for both the business and the separate white page directories: Call 877-243-8339.

Confederate symbols

I will finally be able to sleep again. The silver plates with the Confederate flag and the seal of the Confederacy were removed from the William and Mary college mace. And now, onto the next part of our history we can eliminate.

The comment on "Politically correct college" in the August 29th edition of your paper. It indicated that William and Mary recognizes that times are changing and understands the responsibility they have to do the right thing. The writer should understand, yes, times do change, but history doesn't, and to remove that flag from the college mace is just stupid. History doesn't change and it's part of not only William and Mary's history, it's part of the country's history.

In reference to the "Politically correct college" in the Gazette on the 29th, I agree with college, that those involved with the removal of the Confederate flag from the mace do have to do the right thing. The right thing would be to accept and promote truth. The facts are clear. The Confederate flag played a role in America. To neglect to honor history in its proper context, not the context of a maniac who murdered nine people in Charleston is to fail to carry out the most important duty of leadership: to be truthful and honorable in all matters. Progressives would like to remove anything in our history that gives credence to America's exceptionalism or gives any illusion to slavery or the Confederacy. History is one way we pass on to the future generations a love and knowledge of our great country, esteeming our victories but never withholding what our burdens may have been. What we need in America today are truth tellers, not those who wish to erase history.

We like Fred

Just read that "Retired in Williamsburg" is not going to be canceled. I am so thrilled. I love it. Doesn't matter if other people like it or not—you're never going to like everything in the world. So it's great. I'm glad it's going to stay. I enjoy it. I look forward to it. I wish I had collected all of them since we've been in Virginia for five years because I just think they're wonderful. I don't get all of them but it's still something to look forward to.

Lost and found

If you lost a cell phone while shopping at Martin's, it was dropped in the cart and turned into customer service. Thank you.

To the people who are asking where Becca from Fantastic Sam's in now gone: She is now working at a salon called "Shear Genius." If you need to get in touch with her, please call 757-220-5722 to make an appointment with her.

If anyone has found a brown pair of prescription sunglasses, please call 565-3588. I think they fell out of my shirt pocket. They are very important to me. Please call.

Property rights

Last I looked, the rights of private property trumped the Second Amendment so that when movie theaters wish to ban people carrying guns from the theaters, I think that's a good idea. So if you want to go to the movies, leave your substitute for your manhood at home in the gun locker and respect the owner's private property rights.

Feed the poor

The Pope spoke of feeding the poor and how terrible it is to acquire needless wealth, more than you really need. Couldn't agree more. Perhaps the Pope could sell a great majority of the objects in the 11-mile Vatican Museum and feed the poor.

Thank you

Last week I left my cane at Walmart. I wanted to thank the person who was not only kind enough to turn it into customer support, they also went to the trouble of leaving an ad for The Virginia Gazette so that I could find it. Thanks again.


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