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Last Word on zoning changes, Oct. 5

Zoning change

Riverview Plantation homeowners, be aware of a significant zoning change request that is proposed for our neighborhood. The JCC County Community Development and Planning Commission sent out a letter Sept. 23 to select homes in the community. Some residents are unaware that the planners could rezone the plantation property from R1, residential, to A1, general, to allow for a horse and pony farm. Concerned neighbors should attend public hearing Oct. 5, at 7 p.m. at the County Government Center boardroom, 101-F Mounts Bay Road. Thank you.

I live in Riverview Plantation and have no children and enjoy the playground and recreational area provided by my homeowners' association. I am definitely opposed to the proposal of a horse and pony farm and a huge barn less than 300 feet from the playground and picnic area for obvious safety and sanitary concerns. Please say no to this proposal. Thank you and have a nice day.

Here's a solution

We attended the nice open house last week at Rawls Byrd Elementary School, but lost a tire to the spikes sticking out of the speed bump as you leave the parking lot. I hope the schools do this easy fix of a dangerous situation. As far as the renaming goes, I suggest one that will amend the late Mr. Byrd's alleged segregationist views while keeping the tradition and honoring a great American famed for his rendition of the National Anthem. How does "Lou Rawls Byrd Elementary" sound?

Quiet your phone

Attention, all customers. Please turn your cell phones off when you're shopping in the store. We have customers coming in our store, chattering on the phone the entire time they're shopping, even at check out. How rude is that! Please turn your cell phones off.

Ecumenical service

On Thursday evening, Saint Bede Catholic Church hosted an ecumenical service (Williamsburg Presbyterian, Williamsburg Baptist, St. Olaf) for first responders, police, fire and military personnel. For those of you who missed it, it was an inspiring, touching service to thank and pray for these brave men and women who serve our community. You may want to put it on your calendar for next year, Sept. 29, 2017. We can't thank these folks enough for guarding and defending us. God bless them and God bless the United States of America!Looking for ...

Looking for ...

For the two people looking for a person to take care of wood rot and a general handyman: I recommend Kevin, 757-345-8517. He repaired a roof section that was causing the dry rot and did some painting and patching. Extremely reasonable rates. Thanks.

I'm interesting in obtaining a 2012 Occasion for the Arts poster. If you have one you want to get rid of, I would be glad to purchase it from you. It does not have to be framed. Call me at 345-6179. Thank you.

I called the other day about Dr. Oz, and I just want to let someone know that the show comes on at 10 a.m. and he comes on Channel 14, that's Fox 14.

Please join us! We are Bikini Bottoms, A Gynecologic Oncology Cancer Support Group.

Learn, love, laugh and grow with us. We meet the second Tuesday of the month, 6 p.m., at Starbucks at Kingsmill. Questions?? Call Karen at 757-565-5128 and leave a message.

Please note: The web search may show Carpet Professionals but the first listing has them at the wrong address and phone number, which explains why several individuals went to the wrong address last week. The contact info is 4391-J Ironbound Road, 757-272-7741 www.cleanrestoreinstall.com.

To the person inquiring about Garrison Funeral home in the Sept. 28 Last Word: Jay Garrison owned the funeral home. I believe it closed in the mid-1980s. Mr. Garrison moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to be closer to his children and grandchildren. I think he passed away in the mid-1990s. The building still stands at the corner of Garrison Drive and Mt. Vernon Ave. I believe it is now the management office for the apartments in that area.

Smart restaurants

Given the population of Williamsburg, one would think that smart restaurateurs would regularly offer Early Bird Specials on week days.

Zable Stadium

To people who did not have access to the elevators, and needed it: Don't bother complaining to the college. File an ADA complaint. The college is required by law to provide accessibility to those who need it, even if we are not coaches and VIPs.

Coach Laycock

I acknowledge that Jimmie Laycock has had a storied career as head football coach at William and Mary. However, most people will acknowledge that after almost 40 years at one job, you begin to lose things that have made you so successful. Coach Laycock has reached that point, and the college needs to make a change. A blowout loss to N.C. State, less than impressive wins over Norfolk State and Hampton, successive losses to Elon and New Hampshire and a likely loss next Saturday to JMU will leave William and Mary at zero and three in the CAA. It's time Coach Laycock gets his gold watch, enjoys the building named after him on campus, receives praise from William and Mary fans and walks away with an overall job well done. It's just time.

Chicken or egg?

As I watch the news on TV, I see robberies, carjackings, home robberies, home invasions, shootings, assaults. As I watch the Prime Time shows on TV, all of the above crimes are being committed on the shows! These Prime Time shows teach our impressionable youth how to act!

Too slow

Yeah, this is a jeers to VDOT for doing away with all the passing zones on Rochambeau from Airport Road all the way back to Bruton and down that area. Now, when you got somebody doing 40 miles an hour on a 55-miles-an hour road, you can't pass them. Thanks a lot.

Beers in the 'Burg

This year we have been attending the Beers in the 'Burg at Chowings Tavern at Colonial Williamsburg and have enjoyed the experience until the most recent event on Saturday, September 17. Unlike earlier months, the selection of brews offered was limited, limiting our enjoyment of the event. What we're they thinking? Not sure who made the decision on the beer selections, but we are reconsidering our participation in the Nov. 5 Beers in the 'Burg.

Dental care

To the person asking about braces in Mexico: Please keep in mind this is not a one-time professional visit. Orthodontics require several visits to ensure the health of your teeth and the successful alignment of your smile. Your doctor will understand that process and set up a plan to get the results you want. Unless you plan on several trips across the border and have a good relationship with the doctor, it may not be the best choice in dental care.

Flag protests

I would like to say to all the people who support the blatant disrespect for our flag and what it stands for that no one has to exercise all this rights because he hasn't. There must be reasons for doing it, and the reasons given by the NFL backup quarterback are totally unrelated to the flag and what it stands for. I've been a season ticket holder for William and Mary football, basketball and baseball for years, but since they have chosen not to distance themselves from their athletes who have shown the same disrespect, I will never buy another one. That's the way that I exercise my rights.

To all the people who are fussing about the athletes across the country who have chosen to silently protest by kneeling during the National Anthem: Apparently you are missing the point. The people who are kneeling are showing their support to the many people in this country who are being treated unfairly, like the many people being shot by police. It is not particularly about themselves, and they are actually taking a risk by participating in the protest. I feel sure they love this country as much as you and I do but we must admit everyone and everything that happens is not perfect. There is a lot to fix, and the silent protest is in support of correcting the unfair treatment. I applaud the athletes who take the stance.

Cat problems

A thoughtful letter in another paper makes some good points. If cats were going to be instrumental in eliminating birds, they would have done it a long, long ago. Cats play an important role in controlling infestation by mice, rats and other bothersome critters. Ever hear of "barn cats?" From what I read, windmills eliminate millions of birds per year, including protected species, such as eagles. So do foxes and other birds.

A must-see show

Wow! Don't miss Kathy Hornsby's stunning infrared photography at the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Gallery at 219 N. Boundary Street till Nov. 4. Also, Jan Southard and Valerie Johnson have delightful whimsical felting and mixed media pieces in the gallery.

Thank you

Thank you to the many people (at least five) who helped my husband find his Toyota Avalon at Prime Outlets Thursday morning. I really appreciate your kindness and generosity.

Thank you, Marcia Parch, for your letter to the editor on mental illness. I've had similar thoughts, but could not have expressed them with the same knowledge and compassion for our fellow human beings. Often they are our own sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. Perhaps it's time to be done with all the negativity on the subject. Thank you, too, for the one positive entry in the Last Word yesterday.


I'd like to leave appreciation and thanks to Will from Computer Concepts, who came to my home last week and taught me a lot. I hope I can remember as much as he taught me, but it was a great experience, and I'm really enjoying working with the set there. Will came to my home and was just a delight. Thank you very much.

I'm writing about the play I just saw, "Jekyll and Hyde the Musical." It was amazing. Michael Ashby, who played Jekyll and Hyde, was so good. And all the other players had amazing voices. If you can see Michael Ashby play in another play, I would go.

If you are looking for a great contractor who will always answer your calls and who will keep you informed throughout the job, call Troy Williams with Angler Construction at 757-870-1231. He has now completed two jobs for us, one being a major refurbishment after extensive water damage. You will be pleased.

Dealing with fleas

To anyone dealing with a flea infestation this year, which is a lot of Virginians, fleascience.com is an excellent resource. I encountered it after Googling a lot of nonsense online. The site is well-researched with links to journal articles. Before you spend any money on products with unsubstantiated claims, visit this site and see what you can learn. I also posed a question and the site owner responded within a day, and provided a link to the latest research. There's nothing like a little education to bolster your confidence and spirits when dealing with a problem.

Presidential politics

The commercials by the NRA in this presidential election campaign are referring to the Supreme Court's possible rendering a decision on the Second Amendment that could be anti-gun and take arms away from citizens, as they are guaranteed in that amendment to the Constitution. Please understand. It is well understood that Congress makes the laws but the Supreme Court interprets the laws, and we are but one or two justices away from a drastic change on the Supreme Court that could render the Second Amendment as not workable in this era.

To the people worried about Donald Trump's taxes: I don't care about the taxes. Being a 70 year old, I want to know what he will do for me to reduce my school taxes, my property taxes, income taxes. And not only for me, but for the average middle-income person. Trump's taxes have nothing to do with me. I don't feel we need to know it, we just want to know what he will do for us. Thank you.

Remember this election on Nov. 8 is not specifically the individual we're voting for, but we're voting for a platform. Look for the platform that shows honesty, decency and truthfulness. That will lead you the way. Please analyze it very carefully because this may be the last free election that we have. Thank you.

Yes, who says that history does not repeat itself? I can recall when President Johnson sat on his hands and did not do anything about when the Pueblo was captured by the North Koreans in 1968. That's the same thing that's happened with Barack Obama in Syria right now. Russia is stepping all over us right now, and Barack Obama is doing nothing. Just like the Pueblo in 1968. Thank you.

The Democrats created 14 million jobs in 70 months, reduced the annual deficit by a trillion dollars in six years and nearly tripled the stock market value. All of this added to more people on health care and more young people home from war zones would indicate that they do know how to run a country. Without the problems of obstructionism with fewer confrontations and more diplomacy just imagine what else they could do. Please vote.

Have no substantial policies on important issues to promote? Bring up the infidelity of your opponent's spouse or the candidate's health issues. Can't take question from news media or the general public on the Rose Law Firm, suicide of Vince Foster, Benghazi or on actual accomplishments as Secretary of State? Demand your opponent's tax returns. The Presidential election year of 2016 will be known as "The Year of Wagging the Dog."

I agree with the writer calling for Trump to turn over his tax return and I'm sure he'll comply, right after Hilary turns over the 33,000 missing emails. What is more important? Our national security or one person's tax return?

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