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Last Word, Sept. 15: Memories, Christmas lights

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The Junior Woman's Club of Williamsburg is celebrating its 60th anniversary. We are looking for pictures or other club memorabilia. Please send to P.O. Box 1117, Williamsburg, VA, 23187, or email to Thank you.


Rumor has it that Colonial Williamsburg is having another early retirement. The last two times the age was 55 with 10 years with the company. Now it is 60 and above with 10 years. For many of us this will be the third time we were looked over when we can finally qualify over 55. Has CW looked at employees 55 and over with 25 or more years? It just doesn't seem fair for someone who has worked only 10 years and they get the chance to retire when others have worked so long and get looked over.

Festive lights

I just made my appointment for my Christmas lights and decorations installation and take down with DG & A Lawn Care and Maintenance (757) 879-0783. They did an amazing job last year following my instructions as well as offering well-thought-out options. They were professional and policed the lawn, porch and deck areas to make sure no small trash was left. They worked in trees, on the house, the porch and the deck. If you call them they will be happy to provide you with my contact information for referral purposes.


To the person from FineCutz on McLaw's Circle: Who do you think you are to chase down a patron of another business because they legally parked in front of your business, minutes before closing? You claimed it was a disabled parking spot, which it is not posted as such. When I proved there was no sign and I was in fact disabled, even though I did not have to, you were verbally abusive.

Do not call

Shame on the local Realtor who makes unsolicited calls to phone numbers on the Do Not Call List! When I hung up, she called back to ask if she had "been disconnected." Of course! A dim bulb there.

Clothing to share

I have several very good quality suits, ties, dress shirts, shoes that I would like to donate to an organization that helps men find work, particularly veterans. If someone knows of such an organization, please post it in the Last Word.


A shout-out to Doctor Donna Corvette and the Dermatology Center of Williamsburg. Without an appointment, a visitor from California was accepted at once for examination of a suspected skin cancer. Dr. Corvette then graciously managed to arrange for a specialist to perform surgery six days later. Beautiful.

I had a luncheon at the Boxwood Inn the other day and it was just yummy. I live in Kristiansand, and it didn't take us more than twenty minutes to get there. I believe it's between Yorktown and Foxwood roads. but you can look it up. Everything is homemade and cooked to order. The soups were most delightful. Do give it a try.


Went to the drug store to get an Ace bandage for my arm only to find that they were out. Seems there had been a rush on Ace bandages by Ford's Colony residents who sprained their arms by excessive back patting over all the wonderful things that they do.

Please participate

It is a disservice to our community for the Republican candidates to the JCC Board of Supervisors to refuse to participate in candidate forums.

Need some help

Yes, I'm in need of a day bed. I've been trying to get one for a while. I really need one. I'm wishing for someone to call and donate one to me. My number is 741-2443. Thank you.

Sex offender

What is a convicted sex offender doing moving about freely in Williamsburg? We are all at risk whenever we step out of our homes. What right does a convicted sex offender have to be in the street attacking a runner?

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