Virginia Gazette Last Word for Aug. 2: Back to school; Farewell, Williamsburg; Deer is still dead

School supply lists

"To the person looking for middle school supply lists: Go to the WJC Schools website at School Supplies. Select Our Schools, then select middle and drag down to the school."

Back to school

"Tags are available at The Salvation Army for children needing help with clothing and shoes for school. Please stop by and 'adopt' a child. For more information call 229-6651."

Farewell, Williamsburg

"My wife, Linda, and I took our leave from the beautiful community of Williamsburg after preaching my final sermon at the Church of Christ on Merrimac Trial, July 20. After 17 glorious years spent in Williamsburg, it was time for me to retire from full-time ministry and give my attention to some other areas of ministry. We want to thank everyone who helped make this the wonderful climax to 50 years of preaching and living among some of the greatest people on earth. We have made lifelong friends in the community and will cherish each way we have been blessed by those friends. Thank you Williamsburg for welcoming us in 1997 and blessing us as you sent us on our way back home. We will be making our home in Parkersburg, W.V., and remain in service to God and man. Thanks so much!" Bill Butterfield

Near miss

"This is for the gentleman on a bicycle that I almost hit Monday morning on Route 5. I'm so sorry, but I was trying to pass you to get out of your way, and I didn't know you were going to make a left turn from the bike lane, which is on the right-hand side. That is a dangerous highway even for cars, and I'm sorry. I was only driving my car. I can't drive my car and ride your bicycle too. Plus, I am not a mind reader. But, I tell you, I'm glad, thank God, that I didn't hit you. And I went home, and I couldn't sleep last night, and I am very sorry. Please, bicyclists, try to be more careful! I'm a motorist, not a bicycle rider, and you should know the rules of the road. Thank you so much."

Dead deer needs removal

"It's a shame that the poor, dead deer is still lying on the side of eastbound Route 199, on the emergency shoulder just beyond the Longhill Road exit. If VDOT is responsible for it, post the number and I'll call them myself and have them pick it up."

Submit a work request online at or call 1-800-367-7623.

Post office landscaping

"Who is responsible for maintaining the grounds around the Post Office on Monticello Avenue? The grass is mowed occasionally, but the bushes and other plantings are so overgrown the Post Office sign can't be seen from the road. The post office is nice, but it's a shame the grounds look so bad."

Kitchen makeover

"I would like recommendations on kitchen designers. My husband and I want to do the work ourselves, replacing cabinets, counters, flooring, everything. However, I need help with design. I would really appreciate recommendations for kitchen designers, and for local interior decorators who would be able to come to my home and give me suggestions on using things that I already have and paint colors."


"Is your religion passive or active? My religion is passive when I go to my house of worship and sit on my butt and wait to be inspired. My religion is active when I spend my time and money to help other people in need. I worship my God more when I am active. I believe I am doing more good when I am active for my God."

Cheers and jeers

"Thank you to the owners of Charlie's Antiques on Richmond Road, and the woman in the parking lot who saw me nearly faint on the sidewalk and brought me inside on Wednesday. After a bowl of soup and some cookies at home I was perfectly fine. Thank you so much for your kindness and quick actions. I'm so grateful to live in a town with such caring residents."

"Fred Miller of Prince George Framing and Art saved my picture of "the goose girl." It bought back fond memories of my days at Bruton Heights in the early 1950s when we took our many film rolls to your parents' camera shop on the corner. We were always treated like royalty, and it made me remember your sister and brother. I hope they are both well. Great job."