Virginia Gazette Last Word for Aug. 9: Scam alerts; Stolen bike; Down at the pool

Cheers and jeers

"High recommendations to Van Kniest Painting and Finishing for a totally professional job done with a recent kitchen remodel. The pre-planning work done resulted in a timely, first class job. The varied teams arrived on time, worked efficiently, wasted not a moment, and cleaned up at the end of each day. The resulting product transformed the room and gave it a new look and life. This wasn't a "big job" for Van Kniest but the attention my job got suggested "big treatment." Couldn't be more satisfied."

"Every time we dine at Holy Mackerel the experience is wonderful. The cod bites and clam strips are great. Even better, the kids are given a basket of toys to play with while the meal is being prepared. A really great family restaurant. The bar offerings aren't bad, either."

"Can't say enough good things about Cecil Lyon tree trimming. These guys did heavy tree cutting, replanted shrubs they had to move, put everything, birdbaths and sidewalk stones, back in place, raked and cleaned up. I'm never happy to take trees down, but if it's necessary, Cecil and his guys do exceptional work. 876-5487."

"Thanks to the good Samaritan that gave our dog a ride to the Humane Society on August 7. Bandit escaped from our yard in Skipwith Farms and we were frantic. He has a new collar now with all the tags."

"I recently notified a lady firefighter at the Williamsburg Fire Department that I had fallen from a faulty brick on the sidewalk in front of the station. I had just gotten off the transit bus when my daughter and I were approaching the library. I contacted the fire station because they are close by and I didn't want anyone else to take a fall. I noticed a few days later the bricks were repaired. Thanks to the wonderful lady and to the city for prompt action."

Scam alerts

"I, too, have gotten numerous calls about an offer to repair malware supposedly on my Windows PC. One caller even called me back, angry that I'd hung up on him. The last caller gave a call-back number as 315-633-3459. Have more people in Williamsburg had the same experience?"

"I have been inundated by calls from young men speaking with an Asian accent who say they were calling from 'Windows Technical Support.' My computer, I am told, alerted them that it was infested with viruses. They direct me to open a standard Windows utility, to show me the problems, saying they are serious when in reality they are harmless operating system functions. I am then connected me to another person who offers to fix my computer, for a fee. If you play along for about 10 minutes, then tell them you know they are crooks running a scam, they will give you, for free, an X-rated tirade of insults and swearing, followed by threats to hack your computer, ruin your credit and raid your bank accounts. Or, you can just hang up at the beginning of the call."

"Thank you so much, Virginia Gazette. I was reading the Last Word this morning about scams and then someone called and attempted to scam me. A pleasant man called with an accent and was alerting me to a Windows computer problem. When I told him I didn't have a computer he started to argue with me, mentioning my name and insisting I did have one. He finally hung up. If I had a computer I could have been in trouble. Thank you so much for looking out for people."

Customer service

"Thank you to Michelle and the catering service at Panera Bread. You're quick thinking helped alleviate a toddler lunch meltdown. Thanks again for your extraordinaire customer service."

"I recently read an item in the Last Word praising the Norge law firm Raymond and Raymond for their services for those burdened by debt relief. I gave them a try, and I am here to tell you that the recommendation was the best advice I ever took. Give John and Daniel Raymond a call at 565-0423."

"Walt Disney was known to have excellent employees who had public contact. He taught that to be effective, we must look and sound right. The way we dress and speak is very important. He always had his employees well trained in how to act."

Wedding venues

"To the person looking for a nice place in Williamsburg to hold a wedding and reception, The Settlement at Powhatan Creek would be an ideal spot. There have been many weddings held overlooking the pond with fountain, and the pool area and beautiful clubhouse are perfect for your reception. 645-3000."

"To the person looking for a great wedding venue on the water on short notice, call The Watermen's Museum in Yorktown at 887-2641. Beautiful spot on the York River and catering by The Carrot Tree."

Does anyone know...

"Does anyone have any extra bricks, patio pavers, landscape pavers, slate pavers, or stepping stones they would be willing to donate for a small landscaping project on a budget? We will pick up. Call 254-4456."

"In the July 30 Last Word someone needed to have a Sony tuner repaired. I have the same problem. If somebody can give me a call at 240-506-9469, I would really appreciate it. Thank you."